[Neutron] Postdoc positions available, University of Minnesota

Chris Leighton leighton at umn.edu
Tue Aug 9 22:03:47 CEST 2022

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Postdoc positions are available at the University of Minnesota, focused on
synthesis, neutron scattering, magnetism, and transport in complex oxides
and sulfides. The work will span perovskite oxides, metallic delafossites,
and magnetic Weyl semimetals. Interested applicants can contact Chris
Leighton (leighton at umn.edu) with a CV and references. More information on
the research group is available at: https://leighton.cems.umn.edu/. See
also the University of Minnesota Center for Quantum Materials:


Chris Leighton


Chris Leighton

Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Distinguished University Teaching Professor
Lead Editor, Physical Review Materials

Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
University of Minnesota
151 Amundson Hall
421 Washington Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Tel: 612 625 4018
Email: leighton at umn.edu
Website: www.cems.umn.edu/people/faculty/chris-leighton
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