[Neutron] Postdoc in Automated Neutron Scattering on Magnetic Materials at ORNL

Calder, Stuart caldersa at ornl.gov
Tue Aug 23 17:05:30 CEST 2022

Postdoctoral Research Associate - Automated Neutron Scattering on Magnetic Materials


We are seeking two Postdoctoral Research Associates who will support the Single Crystal Diffraction and Powder Diffraction Group in the Neutron Scattering Division (NSD), Neutron Science Directorate (NScD) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). As a postdoc you will investigate magnetism and competing interactions in quantum materials using neutron diffraction and other neutron scattering techniques.

This postdoctoral position will form part of a multidisciplinary research team of neutron scattering scientists, computational scientists and software engineers that will automate the neutron scattering measurements and data analysis utilizing machine learning. As a postdoc, the central scientific goal of your research will be to investigate the magnetic structure and interactions in low dimensional and frustrated quantum materials. Powder and/or single crystal elastic and inelastic experiments will be undertaken on the world leading ORNL neutron scattering facilities at SNS and HFIR to identify and understand novel quantum behavior in magnetic materials. You will have the opportunity to apply advanced neutron scattering techniques, including polarization, in combination with automation and machine learning to enhance your research in a highly collaborative environment.

Major Duties/Responsibilities:

  *   Perform neutron scattering experiments and analyze resulting data.
  *   Work in a collaborative team with machine learning experts to apply software to neutron scattering beamlines to optimize measurements.
  *   Publish scientific papers and present results from this research at national and international meetings as appropriate.

Basic Qualifications:

  *   A PhD in physics, chemistry, material science, computational or a related field completed within the last 5 years
  *   Applicants must have received their PhD within five years of this application and must complete all degree requirements before starting their appointment.

Preferred Qualifications:

  *   Experience in elastic or inelastic neutron scattering and analysis or other diffraction methods and analysis.
  *   Working knowledge of common or scientific programming languages.
  *   Familiarity with machine learning approaches.
  *   Experience with magnetic materials and measurements.
  *   Self-motivated, with the ability to work within a multi-disciplinary team environment on scientifically challenging problems.
  *   Excellent written and oral communication skills
  *   Motivated self-starter with the ability to work independently and to participate creatively in collaborative teams across the laboratory
  *   Ability to function well in a fast-paced research environment, set priorities to accomplish multiple tasks within deadlines, and adapt to ever changing needs

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