Postdoctoral position in neutron scattering at NIST/Johns Hopkins University.

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        To whom it may concern

This Post doctoral position was first advertised in Physics Today
September 1995 but we are still interested in applications from
qualified candidates. Note  that a decision will be made very soon so a
response by email indicating your previous experience in this field as
well as the names of some references is encouraged if the position has
your interest.

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                        POSTDOCTORAL POSITION

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at the Johns Hopkins University
is seeking an outstanding Ph.D.  Physicist, with extensive experience
in the use of neutron scattering in condensed matter physics, for a
post doctoral position.  The successful candidate will be stationed at
the NBSR reactor at NIST in Gaithersburg MD, where her/his principal
responsibility will be the development of a highly efficient cold
neutron spectrometer.  Demonstrated ability to design neutron or X-ray
scattering instrumentation is desirable.  The research interests of the
candidate should be compatible with a research program focusing on
strongly correlated metals, low dimensional magnetism, and
superconductivity.  Please send a resume including a publication list
and a  statement of research interests, and arrange for three letters
of recommendation to be sent to 

Prof. Collin Broholm
Department of Physics and Astronomy, 
The Johns Hopkins University, 
Charles and 34th Streets, Baltimore, MD 21218.

The Johns Hopkins University is an affirmative action,
equal opportunity employer.

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