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                     Changes in telephones/addresses+position available

All IPNS and Argonne Telephones have changed from area code 708 to area code
630.  Please correct any listings you have.

Some Web references have incorrect links.  The correct links for the IPNS home
page and the Neutron home page are:

For anonymous ftp file transfer to/from IPNS, please use the following
Forms are under the /PUB/Forms/ directory.

A position has become available in the X Ray and Neutron scattering group at
Argonne.  The details are attached.  They can also be accessed through the
IPNS Web page and more information about the group is available through the

Tom Worlton
The Neutron and X-ray Scattering Group of the Materials Science 
Division at Argonne National Laboratory is seeking candidates for a 
staff position.  Members of the group collaborate with other members 
of the Materials Science Division on a wide range of research topics 
including oxide superconductors, magnetoresistive materials, strongly 
correlated electron systems, disordered solids and liquids, magnetic 
multilayers, and polymer surfaces and interfaces.  Additionally, they 
design, maintain, and operate instruments at Argonne's Intense Pulsed 
Neutron Source and participate in the IPNS user program.  In filling 
the open staff position, preference will be given to candidates who 
are conversant in both neutron and X-ray scattering techniques and 
whose research accomplishments show that they can add strength to 
existing Division programs or can help nucleate new programs.  
Interested persons should submit a resume to James D. Jorgensen, 
Materials Science Division, Building 223, Argonne National 
Laboratory, Argonne, IL 60439.  Phone 630-252-5513; FAX 630-252-7777; 
e-mail Jim_Jorgensen at

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