NEUTRON: Symmet - Chalk River Pole Figure Software for DOS

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Thu Feb 24 03:24:02 CST 2000

Symmet - Chalk River Pole Figure Software for DOS

The Chalk River Pole Figure Software for DOS by John
Root is available for download via the CCP14 Website:

  (symmet does run as a DOS program under Windows 95/98)

"These programs are nicely suited for neutron diffraction 
data where complete pole figures are obtained on a
regular grid of intensity measurements.  Symmet will 
take data on a NON-regular grid (provided that it 
spans a complete hemisphere) and render it onto a 
standard grid for subsequent processing.  If you 
have swatches of Xray pole figures that can be 
expressed in terms of tilt and azimuth spanning a 
complete hemisphere, Symmet can also render this 
data onto the standard grid for subsequent processing."


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