Experiment on scattering on moving targets

Olevanov Alexander Yu. ole at phys.bsu.unibel.by
Thu Nov 9 23:03:18 CST 2000

Dear colleagues,

As respond to my request about possibility to
make the experiment easy has shown impossibility
to make it, I would like to ask you to reply me about
needed conditions and arrangements to make it on your

I hope to find needed financial source and follow up the
procedure to order the experiment.

Its simplest setup may consist from two rotating crystals
in narrow beam of cold neutrons striking the targets under
Bragg angle. The axes of rotation should be parallel but
not coincide to resolve Bragg's peaks on one PSD. The speeds
of rotation has to be controllable. Position of one Bragg's
peak on PSD is expected to be dependent from scattering on
the other target. The dependence is expected to be function
of relative speeds of the targets and distance between ones.

I hope for your cooperation even if it looks impossible
from your knowledge to obtain the expected rezults.

With best wishes and thanks in advance,
Alexander Yu. Olevanov

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