NeXus'2001 Workshop, March 20-21, 2001, PSI, Switzerland

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Thu Dec 14 16:33:39 CST 2000

                    NeXus'2001 Workshop

                    March 20-21, 2001
        Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen, Switzerland

We plan to hold the first public workshop to discuss the NeXus data format
at PSI, near Zurich, Switzerland.  It is intended for all potential users of
the NeXus format, such as those involved in the design, development, or
general use of :

- neutron/x-ray data analysis and visualization software
- Monte Carlo simulations of neutron/x-ray instruments and experiments
- neutron/x-ray data acquisition and archival systems

There is no registration fee, but if you are interested in attending, please
fill in the registration form at the workshop web site :


Items on the agenda include :

- Introduction to NeXus
- Description of the NeXus API (C, Fortran, and Java)
- Use of the NeXus data server
- Demonstration of applications using NeXus
- Use of XML in formal NeXus standards
- Standardization of instrument formats
- Establishment of future NeXus management structure

Although the API is now fully functional, and it is relatively easy to read
and write NeXus data files, the contents of those files are not defined in
sufficient detail.  One of the objects of the workshop is to reach agreement
on the required contents of files in a number of instrument categories, in
order to make it easier to write portable analysis and visualization
software.  Examples of such categories are :

- Neutron/X-ray Powder Diffractometers
- Neutron/X-ray Single Crystal Diffractometers
- Neutron/X-ray Small Angle Scattering Diffractometers
- Neutron/X-ray Reflectometers
- Neutron/X-ray Triple-Axis Spectrometers
- Neutron Direct-Geometry Time-of-flight Spectrometers
- Neutron Inverse-Geometry Time-of-flight Spectrometers
- Muon Spin Relaxation
- General Monte Carlo instrument simulation

If you are interested in participating in the preparation of these standards
before the workshop, please let us know in the comments section of the
registration form, stating what instruments you are interested in.  Use the
same section to express an interest in making a presentation or
demonstrating some software using NeXus.

N.B. This workshop will directly precede the annual general meeting of the
European SCANS collaboration from March 22-23 because of the possible
overlap in those interested in attending both.

Workshop Organizers:

Mark Koennecke, Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
Tel: +41 (56) 310 2512
E-mail: Mark.Koennecke at

Ray Osborn, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Tel: +1 (630) 252-9011
E-mail: ROsborn at

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