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The Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) is an international research institute
funded by France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Agreements on scientific
collaboration have also been signed with Austria, Italy, Spain,
Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Russia. The Institute operates the most
powerful source of neutrons in the world, a 58 MW reactor, which was
completely refurbished in 1995. The reactor forms the basis for a programme
of research covering a wide variety of fields, supplying neutrons to a
broad range of instruments which are available to scientists from the
member countries.

This post in ILL's Time-of-Flight and High Resolution Group represents an
excellent opportunity for a young postdoctoral scientist to develop
expertise, broaden experience, and interact with leading scientists from
around the world. More experienced scientists on detachment may also be

The successful candidate will become co-responsible of the IN11 Neutron
Spin Echo spectrometer. This is the highest energy-resolution
neutron-scattering technique available, especially well suited for
quasielastic scattering studies in soft condensed matter and magnetic

The successful candidate will be a highly-motivated scientist with a PhD in
chemistry or physics. He/she will be expected to carry out a personal
research programme, assist ILL users in conducting experiments, and
participate in the operation and development of IN11, as well as promoting
partnerships in his/her field.
Some knowledge of Small Angle Scattering would be appreciated. Due to the
novelty and relative complexity of the technique, interest in
instrumentation, computing and development is essential.

The successful candidate will be offered a fixed-term contract, the
duration of which will under no circumstances exceed five (5) years. In
addition to a competitive salary, certain benefits (reimbursement of
removal expenses, adaptation allowance, etc.) may be offered.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the head of the
Time-of-Flight and High Resolution  Group, Dr. A.J. Dianoux; tel: (33); e-mail: dianoux at ill.fr or via the World Wide Web

Applications with curriculum vitae, a list of publications and the names of
two academic referees should be sent, quoting reference 01/04, no later
than 15.02.2001 to:

Dr. A.J. Dianoux, Head of TOF/HR Group
B.P. 156 - 38042 Grenoble Cedex 9 - France

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  Nota:Inside France dial  04  instead of 4

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