ISIS : Call for Proposals : Round 01/2

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Thu Mar 15 10:31:29 CST 2001

ISIS Facility

Call for Proposals		Round 01/2

Deadline 16 April 2001

Scheduling Period September 2001 to December 2001

Dear ISIS Users

The preparations for the upgrade of the ISIS accelerator to 300mA are making
excellent progress.  Two of the newly developed second harmonic RF units are
essentially finished, ready for installation.  This is a major intervention
into the ISIS synchrotron and will require a 6 months shutdown.  The work
will start in January 2002 together with extensive refurbishment of other
accelerator components.  When ISIS restarts in July 2002, this first phase
of the upgrade should already result in a substantial increase in the proton
current - and more neutrons! 

This long shutdown has consequences for the scheduling of the cycles in the
next 2 years.  Overall we will continue to deliver the same number of beam
days per year - but they will be bunched together instead of being
distributed more evenly through the year.  

*	In the next ISIS Proposal Round - with Deadline 16th April 2001 and
meeting of the ISPs in early June - we will schedule experiments for the
period September 2001 to end December 2001.

*	Proposals approved in the following Round (16th October 2001
deadline, ISP meeting in early December) will be scheduled from July 2002
onwards.  Please take note of this delay.  

We would like to encourage you to plan ahead and apply for urgent and
important experiments now, in this round, so that experiments which are
crucial for some work, especially PhD projects, can be carried out rather
sooner than later.

The ISIS Proposal Deadlines - 16 April and 16 October - will remain
unchanged, independent of the cycles schedules.

We are sorry about this inconvenience, but when ISIS restarts after the 6
months shutdown, we will all be able to enjoy a significant improvement in
the performance of the instruments.   

For further information contact :
 ISIS User Office
 Tel     +44(0)1235 44 5592
 Fax     +44(0)1235 44 5103
 email  ISISuo at
 ISIS web-site 


Electronic Retrieval of Proposal Forms
A Microsoft Word and a LaTeX version of the ISIS Experiment Proposal Form
can be obtained from the ISIS World Wide Web site 
under "Applying for beam time"
These files may also be copied by anonymous FTP from 
as  /pub/forms/ and /pub/forms/isis_hlp.doc

Electronic Submission of Proposals

Proposals may be submitted electronically by sending the completed
application form in Microsoft Word, PostScript or PDF format to the special
email address : 

ISISproposals at

We will acknowledge receipt by email.
You do not need to send a confirmatory version of the application
by post or fax.

Spencer Howells
ISIS Management Information Systems

Tel: (0)1235 44 5680
Fax: (0)1235 44 5720
mailto:w.s.howells at
Web :

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