VITESS 2.0 New Release

Zsigmond zsigmond at
Thu May 10 19:09:24 CDT 2001

Dear Colleague,

we have now released VITESS 2.0. It can be downloaded from the VITESS

The new version includes new features like improvements in existing modules,
new modules and a new graphical user interface. Non-VITESS modules can now
be inserted by using 'external command' (please see also Help-Manual).

Due to the inclusion of polarisation, the set of data transferred from one
module to the subsequent module was changed. Therefore, all modules must be
installed or reinstalled, and interim data of the preceding version cannot
be used for the new one (and vice versa).

Is there something you need, that is missing in the new version?
Do you need a CD for installation ?
Do you have suggestions for future developments ?

Thanks in advance for any feed-back (also about possible bugs)!

Best regards,
Your VITESS Team

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