Workshop on VITESS 2, 25-27 June 2001, Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin

Zsigmond zsigmond at
Fri May 11 16:13:13 CDT 2001

Dear Colleague

We would like to invite you to attend the

Workshop on VITESS 2 and Other Packages for Simulations of Neutron

at the Hahn-Meitner-Institut, Berlin. It will start on Monday 25th June at
13:00 and finish on Wednesday 27th
June at 13:00.

The Scope
of the workshop is to give an introduction to the VITESS simulation program
and to the new features of version
2.0. Please see also our web-site:

The talks in the beginning of the workshop will especially be for colleagues
who want to start using VITESS and
for those who are interested in the new possibilities of the program. There
will be time to do practical work with VITESS.

Talks on other MC simulation packages are also very welcome. We expect
interesting discussions on comparisons of different packages and on
simulation problems in general. In this way, we hope to contribute in
developing new ideas for applications of MC computer simulations in neutron

Monday morning
- Arrival of the participants, registration and accommodation
Monday afternoon
- Introduction to VITESS (concept, survey of modules)
- New features in VITESS (ESS source, polarisation, gravity, GUI)
- Practical examples
Tuesday morning
- Talks and discussion about recent applications of VITESS
Tuesday afternoon
- Recent developments in simulation packages
- Relations of VITESS to other packages
- Practical examples
Wednesday morning
- Discussion about future needs in simulation packages
Wednesday noon
- End of the workshop

We have applied for support to cover a part or all expenses of a limited
number of participants, who might have financial difficulties to attend the

Please send an informal e-mail to the following address: vitess at
Please include the following information:
1. name, institute
2. dates of arrival and departure
3. do you need a reservation for a room in the HMI guesthouse, or in a
4. would you need support to take part in the workshop? (Please mention
5. let us know whether you intend to give a talk in this workshop (Title).

An agenda will follow shortly.

Hope to see you in Berlin.
Best regards,

Klaus Lieutenant
Géza Zsigmond

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