IUCr-2002 Neutron-Synchrotron Satellite Conference in Grenoble

Alan Hewat hewat at ill.fr
Mon Jul 30 14:29:54 CDT 2001

The International Union of Crystallography, in full agreement with the 
IUCr-2002 Programme Committee, have formally accepted the ILL-ESRF proposal 
to organise a satellite meeting in Grenoble August 1-4 2002 on "Crystal 
Chemistry of Materials and Soft Matter using Neutron and Synchrotron 

Alan Hewat (ILL) and Ake Kvick (ESRF).

At 11:50 30/07/2001, Henk Schenk (President, IUCr) wrote:
>We think that for Young Scientists, who never were at big installations 
>before, the meeting in Geneva is an ideal opportunity to see the 
>Synchrotron and Neutron facilities in Villigen and Grenoble in order to 
>get a flavor of the opportunities they may provide for their future 
>research. The EC therefore decided in full agreement with the program 
>committee that both meetings in Grenoble and Villigen will be official 
>Satellites of the GAC2002. We thank you for taking the initiatives and 
>wish you much success with the organisation of the meetings.

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