NEUTRON: "Single Crystal High Pressure" Postdoc position at Virginia Tech, USA

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The Crystallography Laboratory at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg VA has a
position available for a post-doc to work on the evolution of framework
structures with pressure. The project will be supervised by Professors
Nancy Ross and Ross Angel.

Project description: The determination of the evolution with pressure of
selected framework structures with the aim of understanding the general
principles of the behaviour of this class of structures. Measurements will
be performed by single-crystal high-pressure X-ray diffraction, with
diamond anvil cells, up to pressures of 100 kbar (10 GPa) with the two
single-crystal diffractometers housed in the laboratory. The post-doc will
also be expected to contribute to the development of data collection and
data reduction techniques for high-pressure diffraction. 

Requirements: Candidates should have a Ph.D. in crystallography,
mineralogy, or a similar subject area involving the study of the
solid-state. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in
single-crystal diffraction.  Previous experience with diamond-anvil cells
is not necessary.

Training: The post-doc will receive extensive training in the use of
diamond-anvil pressure cells, and the experimental methods for
high-pressure diffraction. 

Funding: The position is funded through a research grant from NSF division
of Earth Sciences, for a maximum of two years starting from 1st June 2002,
although the start date is negotiable. The funding for the second year is
dependent upon satisfactory performance in the first year. 

Applications: Interested persons should contact Nancy Ross (nross at
or Ross Angel (rangel at General information about the
Crystallography Laboratory can be found at
Applications will be reviewed from October 1st 2001.


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