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*******************       REMINDER          ******************

Hotel Reservation               Deadline:     11/2/01

Workshop Reservation    Deadline:       11/12/01

IUCF Workshop-University-Based Pulsed Neutron Scattering Facilities 
November 16 & 17, 2001 

We hope that scientists (particularly from the Midwest) who are interested
in using this facility for either their research or the education of their
students in the techniques of neutron scattering (particularly small-angle
neutron scattering) will be able to attend.

A poster for this workshop is at 
http://www.iucf.indiana.edu/news_ev.html (under Meetings and Symposia) 
registration at 
and the white paper summarizing our ideas of this pulsed cold neutron source
and its associated instrumentation can be found at

Travel Information can be found at 

Preliminary Program, please see below: 


Session I  (THE LENS FACILITY:  Baxter)

	*       9:00 Overview of IUCF Context for LENS          :  J.
*       9:15 Overview of Proposed LENS Facility                 :  W. M.
*       9:30 Need for University-based Facilities               :  P.
Egelstaff (Guelph; not yet confirmed) 
*       10:00 Gaerttner Linac-based Source at RPI               :  R. BLOCK
*       10:30                             COFFEE BREAK 
*       10:45 Target/Moderator Design/Performance       :  H. NANN (IU) 
*       11:15  Intro. to SANS Instrumentation                   :  B. HEUSER

Session II  (SANS)

	*       13:30  Spin-Echo SANS           :   W. BOUWMAN (Delft) 
*       14:00  Opportunities in Complex Materials               :   D.
*       14:45  SANS Applications to Polymers                    :   J. LAL
*       15:15                              COFFEE BREAK 
*       15:45  SANS Applications to Biology                     :   J.
*       16.15   SANS Applications to Complex Fluids             :   L. MAGID
(U. Tenn) 
*       16:45  SANS Applications to Metallurgy          :   B. WIRTH (LLNL)

	                                          TOUR OF THE IUCF FACILITY 


Session III  (Other Applications/Techniques: Snow)

	*       9:00   High-resolution Spin-Echo Applications           :
T. REKVELDT  (Delft) 
*       9:45   Industrial Uses of Neutrons                              :
D. LONDONO  (DuPont) 
*       10:15 Future Trends in Neutron Radiography              :  R. LANZA
*       10:45                                   COFFEE  BREAK 
*       11:15 Neutron Moderator Studies                         :  E.
*       11:45 Fundamental Neutron Physics Studies       :  A. Young(NC
State) (not confirmed) 

Session IV  (Role of Univ-Based Sources for Education and Outreach

          Discussion Leaders:  (to be confirmed) 


Session V (Formation of the LENS Users Group)


Registration has been extended until November 2 for those needing hotel

Hotel Accommodations:   IUCF has reserved a block of rooms at the Hampton
Inn for November 15 through 17.  The cost per room is $55 per night.  To
reserve a room, simply use the following URL:
http://www.iucf.indiana.edu/Seminars/LENS/registration.shtml before November
2; please indicate whether you would prefer two double beds or one king-size
bed.  Payment should be made directly to the Hampton once you arrive.
Registration for the workshop will continue through November 12 for those
living close to Bloomington.

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