[Neutron] PhD studentship in Neutron Scattering Studies of Quantum Magnets (SF2005/19)

Bella Lake bella.lake at hmi.de
Tue Jan 10 10:13:45 CST 2006

PhD studentship in Neutron Scattering Studies of Quantum Magnets
At Hahn-Meitner Institut, Berlin (SF2005/19)

The Hahn-Meitner Institut, is a German National Laboratory and a member
of the Hermann von Helmholtz Association of National Research Centres.
It hosts the Berlin Neutron scattering centre – an outstanding user 
open to scientist from all over the world - and also runs several 
at the Berlin Synchrotron Radiation Source BESSY.

Condensed matter physics owes its richness and complexity to the fact that
it is a many-body problem dealing with large numbers of atoms or ions.
What makes this subject so fascinating is that although the constituent
objects are usually well-understood, their cooperative behaviour is often
quite unexpected. Such emergent phenomena are especially interesting when
they are quantum mechanical in origin and a number of exotic and unusual
behaviours are found in the area of quantum magnetism e.g. spin-liquid
ground states, fractional excitations analogous to fractional quantum hall
effect and soliton modes. We invite applications for a PhD studentship
working on quantum magnets, emphasis will be given to investigating
copper and vanadium based magnetic systems using the experimental
technique ofneutron scattering, along with computer modeling, materials
synthesis and characterisation.

The studentship lasts three years, and can start any time before 1^st 
Oct 2006.
The candidate must have taken courses in condensed matter physics and be
strongly interested in this subject area. Salary 1750 € / Month.

The Hahn-Meitner-Institut is seeking to increase the quota of women
scientists. Therefore, women are especially encouraged to apply.
Handicapped applicants will be given preference to others of equal

The deadline for application is *15^th Feb 2006*; please send a cover 
detailed CV and two academic references to Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin,
Abt. Personal und Soziales, Glienicker Str. 100, D-14109 Berlin, Germany,
quoting reference number SF2005/19.

For informal inquiries, please contact Dr Bella Lake
(email: bella.lake at hmi.de <mailto:bella.lake at hmi.de> phone 


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