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Tue Apr 11 12:36:11 CDT 2006

The Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL), situated in Grenoble, France, is 
Europe's leading research facility for fundamental research using 
neutrons. The Institute welcomes 1700 visiting scientists per year to 
carry out world class research in solid state physics, crystallography, 
soft matter, biology, chemistry and fundamental physics. Funded 
primarily by its three founder members: France, Germany and the United 
Kingdom, the ILL has also signed scientific collaboration agreements 
with 8 other European countries. The Science Division currently has a 
vacancy for a:


The ILL which operates the world’s leading neutron source is mandated to 
operate, maintain and develop innovative instruments, to devise and 
execute programmes of scientific research and to provide the facilities 
necessary for their execution. The ILL has already contributed to 
important advances in soft condensed matter research through the 
development of neutron scattering instruments for small angle 
scattering, reflectometry and inelastic and quasi-elastic scattering. It 
is now in the process of discussing with the European Synchrotron 
Radiation Facility (ESRF) located on the same site, the setting up of a 
Partnership for Soft Condensed Matter (PSCM) which would provide an 
environment in which to promote research in soft condensed matter by 
exploiting the synergies of neutrons and synchrotron X-rays. Facilities 
provided within the PSCM could include a chemical deuteration laboratory 
as well as the provision of complementary laboratory-based analytical 

The ILL wishes to widen and strengthen the scientific activity in this 
sector by opening an ILL Fellow position dedicated to the exploitation 
of neutron techniques for the investigation of the structure and 
dynamics of soft condensed matter.
The ILL Fellow, with a high scientific profile and an international 
reputation in the soft condensed matter community should stimulate the 
expansion of the role of neutron methods within the field at ILL and 
bring to fruition projects in this direction during his/her appointment.

The ILL Fellow will:
- have an active program in soft matter research involving the use of 
ILL facilities, provide scientific leadership and act as a focus for 
both ILL scientists and visitors,
- participate in the specification and setting up of the Partnership for 
Soft Condensed Matter,
- anticipate developments of new fields where neutrons could contribute,
- promote the use of neutron applications by advising on instrument 
upgrades/modification or the construction of new/novel instruments as 
well as the organisation of conferences/seminars.

The appointment will be for a period of up to five (5) years. In 
addition to a competitive salary, certain benefits (reimbursement of 
removal expenses, adaptation allowance, etc.) may be offered.
Further information can be obtained by contacting Dr C. Vettier, Tel: 
+33 (0)4 76 20 72 05; e-mail: vettier at ill.fr <mailto:vettier at ill.fr>

Applications with curriculum vitae, a list of publications and the names 
of two academic referees should be sent, quoting reference *06/17* no 
later than *09.06.2006*, to:

Dr. C. Vettier, Director of Science - INSTITUT LAUE-LANGEVIN
B.P. 156 - 38042 GRENOBLE CEDEX 9 – France - e-mail: vettier at ill.fr 
<mailto:vettier at ill.fr>

/ //In line with our policy of Equal Opportunities, we encourage both 
men and women with relevant qualifications to apply/

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