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ORNL Instrument Development Fellowships


The Neutron Scattering Science Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
(ORNL) invites applications for an Instrument Development Fellowship.
This fellowship is for the development of novel neutron instrumentation
and instrument components to be used for neutron science at ORNL or
other U. S. neutron centers.  The call is directed to scientists within
10 years of their PhD who are located at academic, industrial, or
government institutions.


ORNL is the site of two major neutron scattering facilities - the High
Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) and the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS),
both funded by the U. S. Department of Energy's Office of Science. SNS
began operations in 2006, and HFIR is completing a major upgrade in
2006. These two facilities will provide a world center for neutron
scattering with opportunities for up to 2000 researchers each year from
universities, national laboratories, and industry for basic and applied
research and technology development in the fields of materials science,
magnetic materials, polymer and complex fluids, chemistry, and biology. 


Proposals are requested to develop novel concepts for neutron
instrumentation that will enable hitherto unexplored areas of science to
be addressed or which will significantly improve current methods in the
field. The proposals may describe an entire instrument concept or a
major component of an instrument including, but not be limited to,
detectors, polarization techniques, optical components, analysis
software, or source components.


Each candidate proposal should include both scientific and personal
sections.  The scientific portion should be five to ten pages and
identify the theoretical basis for the proposal, the research needed for
expected advances to occur, and the new science enabled by these
advances.  The personal section should be a resume of the candidate
including contact information, education, citations of recent
significant publications, honors and awards and references. 


The candidate proposals will be reviewed by a panel of neutron
scientists with several of the most interesting proposals being invited
to attend a week-long workshop at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  During
this workshop, the candidates will further develop their ideas by
working with international experts in neutron scattering, simulation and
the relevant instrumentation techniques.  Following the workshop, some
of the participants may be offered a fellowship to work mainly at ORNL
for 1-3 years with ORNL staff and other experts in the field to further
develop their ideas towards funding of a new instrument project at SNS
or HFIR.  Candidates who are able to obtain a leave of absence or
sabbatical from their home institution are welcome to apply.


Qualified and interested candidates must submit their proposal to Bob
Martin at martinrg at ornl.gov and submit current resume with a list of
three references to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Employment
Opportunities web site (www.ornl.gov <http://www.ornl.gov/>  , select
Jobs, SNS Employment, All Open Positions, posting number 060711) to
ensure consideration.  Application deadline is October 31, 2006.  For
more information contact Bob Martin at martinrg at ornl.gov.


ORNL, a multiprogram research facility managed by UT-Battelle, LLC, for
the U.S. Department of Energy is an equal opportunity employer committed
to building and maintaining a diverse work force.



Bob Martin
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
PO BOX 2008 MS6478
SNS Human Resources Office
Building 8600, MS 6478, Room C-458
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6478
(865) 241-2950
(865) 241-6660 (fax)
martinrg at sns.gov


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