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Chris Leighton leighton at tc.umn.edu
Wed Oct 4 13:04:45 CDT 2006

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Re: Open post-doc position at the University of Minnesota / NIST

A post-doctoral research position is available in the University of Minnesota Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science in the area of neutron scattering studies of magnetism in complex oxides. The position is joint with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and is under the direction of C. Leighton (University of Minnesota) and J. Lynn (NIST). The work will involve diffraction, inelastic scattering, and small-angle scattering investigations of the magnetic behavior of perovskite cobaltites.

Interested candidates should contact Chris Leighton (leighton at umn.edu) with a resume.


Chris Leighton,

Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science,
151 Amundson Hall, 421 Washington Ave SE,
University of Minnesota,
Minneapolis MN 55455.

Tel :  612 625 4018
Fax : 612 626 7246
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