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The Intense Pulsed Neutron Source

Call for Proposals (Round 48) Deadline: November 10, 2006  
 Scheduling experiments for the period: February to June 2007



Web-based Submission of Proposals


All proposals for the current round, Round 48, must be submitted by using
the IPNS Web-based proposal form.  To prevent delays please read the
instructions before you begin using the form.  

If you are a returning user or have registered previously, enter your badge
number and password to log into the system.  Click on the following website:
https://beam.aps.anl.gov/pls/apsweb/ipns0001.start_page .  If you are an
unregistered user or forgot your badge number, enter your email address.  


You can attach images to the proposal.  Do not attach a PDF file of the old
IPNS proposal form.

For further information regarding proposals contact: 
Maria Heinig - IPNS User Administrator
Tel: 630-252-6485
Fax: 630-252-4163
E-mail: mheinig at anl.gov 

Please forward this message to anyone who may be interested in submitting a
proposal to IPNS. If you would like to be deleted from our mailing list,
please respond with DELETE in the Subject line.

Programmatic Proposals

IPNS will accept Programmatic proposals for many instruments.  Programmatic
proposals are similar to regular proposals, except that they require a more
extensive "scientific background" that justifies access to IPNS instruments
for two years.  The number of days requested should be for the next cycle

Programmatic proposals are identified by the first two words in the abstract
("Programmatic Proposal").  The same form is used for regular and
programmatic proposals and the submittal procedure is the same.   

The Program Advisory Committee (PAC) evaluates the proposal initially and
assigns a Numeric Rating (NR) as for other proposals, and time will be
granted based on this rating.  For the following three cycles the Instrument
Scientist (IS) or designate will communicate with the PI to assign days
based on needs.

Instrument Scientists will review the scientific productivity of
programmatic proposals and continued access to instruments will be granted
only to productive proposals.  Renewals will be considered after 2 years and
will require PAC review. 

For further information or questions, contact the respective Instrument
Scientist (contact information at IPNS website)


Experimental Reports


Those who have already run experiments must submit an experiment report on
the standard IPNS Experimental Report Form.  Further beam time will not be
granted unless reports on all previous experiments have been submitted.
Referencing and discussing all previous work at IPNS is extremely useful to
the Program Advisory Committee and can enhance your proposal's prospects for
acceptance.  Experimental reports will also be accepted by email.  Proposal
submission information can be found at
http://www.pns.anl.gov/proposal_call/.  The experimental report form can be
downloaded from the IPNS website http://www.pns.anl.gov/proposalcall/ IPNS
<http://www.pns.anl.gov/proposal_call/ExpRpt99.rtf>  Experimental Report


Proposal submission information can be found at
<https://beam.aps.anl.gov/pls/apsweb/ipns0001.start_page> . The experimental
report form can be downloaded from the IPNS website IPNS
<http://www.pns.anl.gov/Proposal_Call/ExpRpt99.rtf>  Experimental Report



Mail publication copies or lists to:
Nicole Green
Argonne National Laboratory
IPNS, Bldg. 360, F-201

9700 S. Cass Ave., Argonne, IL 60439

Contact Nicole for a list of your publications or for more information
regarding IPNS publications.
Tel: 630-252-7820

Fax: 630-252-7722; E-mail: ipnspub at anl.gov






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