[Neutron] Laue2007: Advanced Laue diffraction in Frontier Science

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Sun Oct 8 11:53:51 CDT 2006

Dear Colleague,

We draw your attention to the International Workshop on Advanced Laue
diffraction in Frontier Science to be held in Grenoble at the ILL/ESRF
site from 23-27 January 2007. We invite you to visit our website
http://www.ill.fr/Events/laue2007 for more details, abstract submission
and and registration.

General description of Laue2007:
Laue diffraction is currently undergoing a lively renaissance due to new
instrumental developments at both synchrotron X-ray and neutron sources.
The aim of this workshop is to offer to a very diverse community of
scientists (chemists, physicists, biologists, geologists ...)
state-of-the-art experimental methods and hands-on experience of
data-analysis for exploration, using single-crystal Laue diffraction, of
the crystalline structure of complex materials in extreme cases. Examples
of these are very small samples (biological materials, complex chemical
structures...), radiation-sensitive samples, extreme conditions (very low
temperatures, very high pressure), and time-resolved studies down to the
femtosecond limit.

This workshop will bring together the neutron and X-ray communities
working with Laue diffraction. Experts in the field will review the
current state of the art, and a number of submitted abstracts will be
selected for oral presentation. Attendees will also have the opportunity
to visit the Laue facilities at both the ESRF and the ILL.

The local organizing committee of Laue2007

Marie-Hélène LEMÉE-CAILLEAU, ILL, lemee at ill.fr
Garry J. McINTYRE, ILL, mcintyre at ill.fr
Dominique BOURGEOIS, IBS/LCCP and ESRF, dominique.bourgeois at ibs.fr Alain
COUSSON, LLB, cousson at llb.saclay.cea.fr
Quinjyu KONG, ESRF, qingyu.kong at esrf.fr

"International Workshop on Advances Laue Diffraction in Frontier Science"

23-27 January 2007
Grenoble, France.

Email: laue2007 at ill.fr
URL: http://www.ill.fr/Events/laue2007/

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