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PhD Project: Theoretical and experimental study of the crystal structure of
Despite the pre-eminence of cellulose as an industrial and biological polymer there are major
difficulties in understanding the micro structures of cellulose from a range of sources and
their contribution to the overall properties of cellulose based materials1. Modern
spectroscopic techniques, such as Raman2 and inelastic neutron scattering3, promise to
provide more direct information on the cellulose crystallites than the more traditional x-ray
diffraction techniques. This project will use advanced physical techniques and theory to study
a challenging scientific problem of practical significance and will draw on experimental
expertise in neutron scattering, x-ray diffraction and Raman scattering using facilities in
Sydney, Monash University and overseas. Access to unique biological samples and facilities
including a world class biodeuteration laboratory at ANSTO will enable the candidate to
make an important contribution to our understanding of cellulose.0
1. Garvey, C.J., Simon, G.P., & Parker, I.H., On the interpretation of paper x-ray diffraction powder
patterns in terms of the nanostructure of cellulose I fibres , Macromol. Chem. Phys., 206, 1568 (2005).
2. Pleasants, S., W.J. Batchelor & I.H. Parker, 1998. Measuring the fibril angle of bleached fibres using
micro-Raman spectroscopy. Appita J., 51, 373.
3. http://www.ill.fr/AR-02/site/ereport/Datas/final_report_22910.pdf
Supervisors: A/Prof Ian Parker (Monash University, ian.parker at eng.monash.edu.au, Phone:
+61 3 990 5578) and Dr. Chris Garvey (ANSTO, cjg at ansto.gov.au, Phone: +61 2 9717

Further details
This work is part of collaboration between Monash University (Melbourne) and ANSTO in
Sydney. At Monash University you will be based in the Australian Pulp and Paper Institute,
Department of Chemical Engineering. The successful candidate will receive an additional
$10,000/year top-up scholarship from ANSTO. In addition the successful candidate may be
eligible to apply for an AINSE Postgraduate Research Award. The closing date for
applications for APA scholarships is 31 October 2006.

Dr Chris Garvey
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