[Neutron] FINAL REMINDER: Proposals for LANSCE Beam Time Beginning the Week of June 4, 2007 Due by February 18

Anna Llobet allobet at lanl.gov
Wed Feb 14 14:18:06 CST 2007

Dear Prospective LANSCE User:

This is the final reminder that the deadline for submitting proposals to
the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE) for beam time during the
run cycle beginning the week of June 4 is rapidly approaching.
Proposals must be submitted on-line (http://lansce.lanl.gov) and are due
by* 6:00 p.m. (1800) Mountain Standard Time on Sunday, February 18,
2006*. Any proposals submitted after the due date will not be reviewed
by the Program Advisory Committees and must be resubmitted for the
following run cycle or as an out of cycle, rapid access proposal. Rapid
access proposals may be submitted at any time, but require compelling
evidence of sufficient scientific urgency to justify special
scheduling. Detailed instructions for submitting your proposal are
provided in the attached document.

For the Lujan Neutron Scattering Center, we anticipate issuing a second
call for proposals in mid-summer 2007. For proposals submitted for beam
time at the Weapons Neutron Research Facility, this notification will
serve as the single call for experiments to be run during the period
between the week of June 4, 2007 and December 23, 2007.

Instruments/flight paths available in the current call for proposals are:

Lujan Neutron Scattering Center
1.    Polarized Beam Reflectometer (Asterix)
2.    Filter Difference Spectrometer (FDS)*
3.    High-Pressure Preferred Orientation Diffractometer (HIPPO)
4.    Low Q Diffractometer (LQD)*
5.    Neutron Powder Diffractometer (NPDF)
6.    Protein Crystallography Station (PCS)
7.    High-Resolution Chopper Spectrometer (Pharos)*
8.    Spectrometer for Materials Research at Temperature and Stress (SMARTS)
9.    Surface Profile Analysis Reflectometer (SPEAR)
*FDS, Pharos, and LQD have reduced availability: these instruments will 
be available for 1/2, 1/2, and 3/4 of the run period, respectively.
Proposals for the following instruments will be accepted, although user 
support will be very limited:
10.    Single Crystal Diffractometer (SCD)
11.    Transmission Spectroscopy (Flight Path 5)
12.    High Intensity Powder Diffractometer (HIPD)

Weapons Neutron Research (WNR) Facility
1.    Target 1:    Flight path 5 (1FP5)
Flight path 14 (DANCE) capture reactions, fission, ?-ray measurements
2.    Target 2:    (Blue Room, proton irradiations)
3.    Target 4:    Flight Path 90L (4FP90L) fission, charged particle 
Flight Path 30L (4FP30L) ICE House, single event effects
Flight path 15L (4FP15L)
Flight path 15R (4FP15R) few-body physics
Flight path 30R (4FP30R) FIGARO, (n,z) reactions
Flight path 60R (4FP60R) GEANIE

If you have any questions or encounter difficulties in submitting your 
proposal, please contact us at  lansce_users at lanl.gov or at 505-665-1010.

We look forward to receiving your proposal.

Allen Hartford
LANSCE User, Communication, and Training Office

Dr. Anna Llobet
Lujan Neutron Scattering Center
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM 87545, USA

Phone: +1 505 665-1367 Fax: +1 505 665-2676
Email: allobet at lanl.gov
Export license: TSPA, Correspondence

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