[Neutron] Educational Symposium: Neutrons for Materials Science and Engineering

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory is hosting two events of broad interest to
the materials science and engineering community on April 18 & 19, 2007,
and Educational Symposium and an Industrial Workshop.  This describes
the Educational Symposium.



Oak Ridge ASM Chapter's 2007 Educational Symposium


Neutrons for Materials Science and Engineering - EdSym2007

Spallation Neutron Source

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN

April 18, 2007


Neutron scattering is an important scientific technique to characterize
materials of all classes - polymers, soft materials, metals and alloys,
and ceramics for such applications as fuel cells, hydrogen storage,
biomedicine and bio-compatibility, aerospace, nuclear power, and
electronics. Many of the new facilities provide sample environments that
provide for measurement at non-ambient conditions of temperature or
pressure, under applied load or in high magnetic fields. 


The program of the Educational Symposium on Neutrons for Materials
Science and Engineering has been developed to expand the awareness of
North American students and faculty involved in materials science and
engineering studies to the diverse applications of neutron scattering
and to the increasing capabilities at facilities in North America.  The
Symposium is also open to scientists and engineers from industry and
laboratories that wish to obtain a broad overview of the many
applications of neutron scattering to studies of materials. 


EdSym2007 will include ten talks beginning with the basics of production
of neutrons and their uses and an overview of neutron scattering and
diffraction methods.  Subsequent presentations will present how neutrons
are used to study phase transformations, engineering stresses, materials
deformation behavior, polymer and soft materials, biomedical and
bio-related materials, and advance fuel cell and hydrogen storage
materials. A summary of engineering and industrial applications of
neutron scattering is also included. 


Tours of the recently commissioned Spallation Neutron Source and the
upgraded High Flux Isotope Reactor sources and associated neutron
scattering instruments will culminate the Symposium.


A focused engineering diffraction workshop Neutron Stress, Texture and
Phase Transformations for Industry - NST2, on April 19, 2007, at SNS is
a companion event to EdSym2007. The NST2 is directed to the broad
engineering community based in industry who wishes to utilize neutrons
in a wide range of diffraction applications.  Emphasis of the NST2
Workshop will be on the future uses of Engineering Neutron Diffraction
facilities for non-destructive stress, phase and texture mapping,
in-situ load and furnace measurements, and grain level materials
deformation behavior.  Feedback on the needs of industry for neutron
diffraction is another goal of the workshop.

A limited number of scholarships are available for graduate students,
postdocs, and early career faculty to attend EdSym2007 and the following
day's NST2 workshop.  For those attending both the EdSym2007 and NST2
the scholarship winners will participate in the poster session
presenting the results of research performed with an industrial partner
on April 19th.  

For detailed information on the educational symposium and workshop,
including registration, submitting posters, lodging, agenda,
scholarships, and vendor participation, please visit our websites at
<http://www.sns.gov/workshops/nst2/>  and
http://www.sns.gov/workshops/nst2/, or contact Camden Hubbard at
hubbardcr at ornl.gov or Al Ekkebus at ekkebus at sns.gov.



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