[Neutron] Postdoc position for quasi-elastic neutron scattering on ceramic proton conductors

Artur Braun Artur.Braun at empa.ch
Thu May 17 10:31:18 CDT 2007

Empa is a Swiss Science and Technology Institution of the ETH-Domain.
The Fast Ion Conductors Group at our Laboratory for High Performance Ceramics, located near Zürich anticipates to receive funds -pending final decision- for a postdoctoral position to begin soon in the mid of 2007.

The research project will last 18-24 months and centers on proton conductivity in ceramic materials for solid oxide fuel cells, which will be investigated with quasi-elastic neutron scattering and electrochemical methods.

We are looking for a Physicist, Chemist, or Materials Scientist with a doctor degree and experience in solid state electrochemistry, neutron scattering and ceramic materials.

This project is motivated by the need for better electrolyte materials for solid oxide fuel cells – an emerging technology for environmentally more compatible energy, and for intermediate temperature electrochemical applications in general. 

Our project requires an enthusiastic, self driven and experienced experimentalist with a sound theoretical background in solid state physics/chemistry and scattering techniques. Participation in experimental campaigns at synchrotron or neutron radiation sources is mandatory and will require frequent international travel. Hands-on experience with neutron scattering, electrochemical instrumentation and synthesis of ceramics is particularly welcome. Data modelling may be necessary.

Please send your application along with a short motivated letter, preferrably via emial to:

Dr. Artur Braun
Laboratory for High Performance Ceramics 
Überlandstr. 129
CH-8600 Dübendorf

artur.braun at empa.ch
Phone +41 (0)44 823 48 50

Screening of applications will commence on June 1st, 2007.

The Fast Ion Conductor Group http://www.empa.ch/plugin/template/empa/613/*/---/l=1

Dr. Artur Braun, Physicist
Empa - Materials Science & Technology
Laboratory for High Performance Ceramics 
Ueberlandstrasse 129
CH-8600 Duebendorf

Phone: +41 (0)44 - 823 4850
Fax: +41 (0)44 - 823 4150
E-mail: artur.braun at empa.ch

The Year 2007 Will Be The Leonhard Euler Tercentenary.
On April 15th, 2007, the birthday of the great Leonhard Euler
(*1707 Basel +1783 St. Petersburg) will recur for the 300th time.

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