[Neutron] Permanent position at GKSS in the field of residual stress analysis plus 2 Postdoc positions in the fields of residual stress analysis and tomography

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Fri Aug 17 10:26:15 CDT 2007

The GKSS Research Centre (http://www.gkss.de) is located in Geesthacht 
near Hamburg, Germany, with a further centre in Teltow close to Berlin. It 
is a member of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres. With 
its approximately 700 employees it undertakes, in collaboration with 
universities and industry, research and development in the areas of 
coastal research, materials science, regenerative medicine, and structure 
research with neutrons and synchrotron radiation. 

The GKSS Research Centre is running a centre for materials research based 
on the complementary use of synchrotron radiation and neutron radiation 
operating the Geesthacht Neutron Facility GeNF (http://genf.gkss.de) in 
Geesthacht and a growing outstation at DESY in Hamburg. As a collaborating 
research group we are operating the high energy beamline HARWI II at DORIS 
III and are building a High Energy Materials Science Beamline (HEMS) and 
an Imaging Beamline at the new high-brilliance synchrotron radiation 
source PETRA III at DESY. 

In this framework we are looking for a 

Scientist (permanent position)   –   Code-No. W 12 (Hamburg)

who will strengthen and further develop our activities in residual stress 
analysis with diffraction methods using synchrotron radiation. You will 
participate in the technical and scientific development of the new state 
of the art undulator beamline HEMS which will have a main energy of 120 
keV, tunable in the range 50 to 300 keV and will be optimized for 
sub-micrometer focusing (
), offering unique opportunities in the fields of Material Science and 
Physics. You will be responsible for the design and maintenance of a 
specialized 3D-XRD microscope at HEMS for the characterization of the 
microstructure and strain of polycrystalline materials and assist external 
users in preparing and running their experiments there. You are expected 
to develop an innovative in-house research program for grain mapping which 
should exploit the unique features of the beamline and its various sample 
environments (fatigue loading, furnace, welding, cryostat etc.) and strong 
sample preparation and analysis support from its home institute in 
Geesthacht near Hamburg. For this position good skills in instrumentation 
and experience in high energy X-ray scattering methods at 3rd generation 
synchrotron radiation sources are essential. In addition you are expected 
to provide support to external users also of other experiments at HEMS and 
of the Wiggler beamline HARWI-II, which is complementary to HEMS. For 
specific inquiries please contact Dr. Norbert Schell 
(norbert.schell at gkss.de).

In addition we are looking for a

Scientist (Postdoc)   –   Code-No. W 13 (Geesthacht/Hamburg)

for an initial 3 years in the field of residual stress analysis who will 
take part in performing experiments at the GKSS high-energy materials 
science beamlines HARWI and HEMS at DESY in Hamburg as well as at the 
neutron strain scanner ARES-2 at GeNF in Geesthacht. In this position you 
will deal with fundamental problems of diffraction-based stress analysis, 
you will take part in operating and further developing the above mentioned 
instruments and you will support internal and external users in this 
field. Ideally, you already have knowledge in the mechanics of materials 
and experience with diffraction methods for residual stress analysis. For 
specific inquiries please contact Dr. Peter Staron (peter.staron at gkss.de).

Furthermore we are looking for a

Scientist (Postdoc)   –   Code-No. W 14 (Geesthacht/Hamburg)

for an initial three years who will support the radiography and tomography 
activities in our rapidly growing tomography group. You will perform 
experiments at the state of the art tomography instruments at the GKSS 
beamlines HARWI and the new Imaging Beamline at DESY in Hamburg as well as 
at the neutron radiography/tomography instrument Genra-3 at GeNF in 
Geesthacht. In this position you will take part in operating and further 
developing these methods and you will support internal and external users 
during their experiments. For specific inquiries please contact Dr. Felix 
Beckmann (felix.beckmann at gkss.de).

All three positions will allow you to continue and develop your own 
scientific research program using synchrotron radiation and neutrons. You 
will support external users during the experiment, including evaluation 
and publication of results, and deal with orders from industry. Within 
this context, international collaborations as well as cooperation with 
staff members and other scientists at GKSS are highly encouraged. 
Opportunities for gaining additional qualifications by cooperation with 
internal partners, especially in the field of joining techniques, are 
available. Current topics in this field are e.g. friction stir welding as 
well as laser beam welding for aircraft construction.

For all three positions a Ph.D. or equivalent in materials science and 
engineering, physics, chemistry or a related field is mandatory. Beside 
good communication skills, the positions require excellent experience in 
the respective scattering techniques using synchrotron radiation or 
neutrons, ideally in the field of materials research. We expect good 
English language skills; German language skills are an asset.

A fast familiarization with new topics is a personal challenge for you. 
You should be familiar with complex experiments and control software. You 
have adopted a purposeful and result-oriented way of working and are able 
to realize this in a team. You are flexible and communicative in your 
approach with collaborators and you give priority to the success of a 
project and your team. You are familiar with publishing the results of 
your work and presenting them at international conferences.

The first position is a permanent appointment and the other two will 
initially be for 3 years with the possibility of extension. We offer an 
appropriate salary, related to TV-AVH, as well as the usual public sector 
social benefits.

The GKSS is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer seeking to 
increase the proportion of female staff members. Qualified women are 
therefore especially encouraged to apply. Handicapped persons with equal 
qualifications will be preferred.

For general inquiries please contact Dr. Klaus Pranzas (pranzas at gkss.de).

Please send your application with the corresponding code, CV with photo 
and references to pranzas at gkss.de or to our Personnel-Division. The 
closing date for applications is four weeks after publication of this 


Dr. P. Klaus Pranzas
GKSS Research Centre
Member of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres
Institute of Materials Research
Max-Planck-Strasse 1
D-21502 Geesthacht

Tel: +49 (0)4152 87 1326
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