[Neutron] School of Physics: Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Neutron, Scattering Under Extreme Conditions

John Loveday j.loveday at ed.ac.uk
Fri Sep 28 16:46:37 CDT 2007

School of Physics: Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Neutron
     Scattering Under Extreme Conditions

A position is available for an experimentalist to work in the Extreme 
Conditions Physics Group of the School of Physics (part of the Scottish 
Universities Physics Alliance, SUPA) in the Centre for Science at 
Extreme Conditions. This follows the £3.7M renewal of the group's EPSRC 
Programme Grant.

You will participate in a programme of studies of ices, water and other 
hydrogen-bonded molecular systems, including planetary-ice systems of 
relevance to planetary modelling; hydrogen and other elemental and 
simple molecular systems; and hydrogen-rich superconductors. You will 
also be strongly involved in the development of hardware and 
experimental techniques.

The group has established programmes in experimental structural studies 
using both x-ray and neutron diffraction, and also in extreme conditions 
spectroscopic and transport properties and in electronic structure 



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