[Neutron] 5 Post Doctoral & 3 Research Assistant Positions in Neutron Structural Biology

Urban, Volker S. urbanvs at ornl.gov
Wed Nov 7 11:51:58 CST 2007

5 Post Doctoral & 3 Research Assistant Positions in Neutron Structural


The Center for Structural Molecular Biology (CSMB)
(http://www.csmb.ornl.gov) and the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) of
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) (http://www.ornl.gov) has immediate
openings for five Post Doctoral Research Associates and three Research
Assistants. Applications are sought from highly creative and motivated
individuals who will join interdisciplinary teams to work in the
following areas:


Post Doctoral Research Associate: Protein Structure, Function and

We seek a Biophysicist, Physicist or Chemist to work on the
high-resolution X-ray and neutron analysis of protein structure and
dynamics. The successful candidate will have experience in all aspects
of experimental protein crystallography, especially high-resolution
analysis and computational modeling.  Experience in molecular dynamics
simulation would be an asset. Contact: Dr. Dean Myles, email:
mylesda at ornl.gov; Dr Pratul Agarwal, email: agarwalpk at ornl.gov 


Post Doctoral Research Associate: Bio-inspired Membrane Systems

We seek a Biophysicist/Physicist interested in the interactions of
bio-molecules with natural membranes and synthetic bio-inspired membrane
systems for solar energy applications.  Previous X-ray or neutron
scattering techniques are highly desirable.  Contact: Dr. Hugh O'Neill,
email: oneillhm at ornl.gov


Post Doctoral Research Associate: Virus Structure and Function

We seek a Biophysicist/Biochemist or Physicist to work on Small Angle
Neutron Scattering (SANS) and neutron reflectivity analysis of virus
structure and function. The candidate should be proficient in conducting
all aspects of experimental scattering and analysis, data reduction and
modeling. Previous work in either neutron or X-ray scattering is
desirable. Contacts: Dr. Flora Meilleur, email: meilleurf at ornl.gov
<mailto:meilleurf at ornl.gov> ; Dr. Dennis Brown (North Carolina State
University), email: dennis_brown at ncsu.edu


Post Doctoral Research Associate: Biopolymer Structure 

We seek a Biophysicist, Physicist or Physical Chemist to work on the
X-ray and neutron analysis of hierarchical structure in lignocellulosic
materials. Lignocellulose holds great potential as a future source of
bio-fuel. The successful candidate should demonstrate skills in
experimental research, with strong emphasis on mathematical or
computational data analysis. Contact:  Dr. Volker Urban, email:
urbanvs at ornl.gov


Post Doctoral Research Associate: Molecular Computational Modeling 

We seek a Biophysicist, Physicist, Chemist or Computational Scientist
with experience in applying computational methods to the study of
biological macromolecules and software development in C/C++ or another
high-level language. Experience in X-ray or neutron scattering or
protein crystallography is desirable, but not required. The research
will entail developing computational methods for building models of
macromolecular complexes that combine small-angle X-ray and neutron
scattering with data from other experimental methods including NMR,
mutagenesis and various spectroscopies.  Contact: Dr. William Heller,
email: hellerwt at ornl.gov


Three Research Assistants in Molecular Biology and Protein Chemistry

In addition, we have openings for up to three Research Assistants to
work on expression, and crystallization purification of recombinant
proteins from bacterial and eukaryotic sources.  M.S. or B.S. in
biochemistry, molecular biology or a related discipline is required.
Contact: Dr. Dean Myles, email: mylesda at ornl.gov


How to Apply: 

Qualified applicants may apply online at
https://www2.orau.gov/ORNL_POST/. All applicants will need to register
before they can begin the online application.   All applications must be
received by December 20, 2007. For complete instructions, on how to
apply, please see the instructions at
http://www.orau.gov/orise/edu/ornl/ornl-pdpm/application.htm. When
applying for this position, please reference the position title and
number. This appointment is offered through the ORNL Postdoctoral
Research Associates Program and is administered by Oak Ridge Associated
Universities (ORAU). This appointment is open to all qualified U.S. and
non-U.S. citizens without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex,
national origin, physical or mental disability, or status as a
Vietnam-era veteran or disabled veteran. 


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