[Neutron] PhD and PostDoc positions for neutron reflectometry studies of antifouling polymeric coatings

Thomas Ederth thoed at ifm.liu.se
Wed Jan 7 04:17:02 CET 2015

*Linköping University (Sweden) is recruiting a PhD student and a 
Post-doctoral researcher for structural studies of antifouling polymer 
coatings using neutron reflectometry.**
The two positions are based at the Division of Molecular Physics, 
Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM).

The PhD student and the post-doctoral research fellow will participate 
in a project on structural characterization of antifouling polymers, 
aiming at understanding how antifouling properties are related to the 
molecular structure of swollen hydrophilic polymers. This project 
includes preparation of polymeric coatings, physico-chemical 
characterization of these, and studies of protein resistance, 
bioadhesion or marine fouling onto these coatings. The polymers are 
synthesized via, for example, SI-ATRP or initiator-free 
photopolymerization (SIPGP). Structural characterization will be carried 
out using spectroscopic ellipsometry and QCM-D, and in particular, by 
neutron reflectivity. The project has a strong multidisciplinary 
character, and the weight of the different project components can be 
adjusted depending on the backgrounds of the applicants.

*For the PhD position*, we are seeking a student with a degree at the 
Master’s level (or equivalent) in physics, physical chemistry, materials 
science, polymer science, engineering biology, or other relevant background.

*The PostDoc position *requires a doctorate degree in an area of 
immediate relevance to the project, and that has been obtained no longer 
than three years before the expiration date of the application (19 
january 2015). Experience from neutron reflectometry is of particular 
value, and applicants without previous experience of neutron scattering 
should be experienced in the preparation of surface-bound polymers, and 
evaluation of their antifouling properties in assays of direct relevance 
to biomedical or marine applications.

For further details about the positions, and information about the 
application procedure, please go to Linköping University's website:
http://www.liu.se/jobba/lediga-jobb?l=en&sc=true (Filter by department 

*The application**deadline **is 19 January 2015.**

Dr Thomas Ederth
Division of Molecular Physics
Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Linköping University
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