[Neutron] NRU reactor shutdown announced

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Thu Feb 12 21:54:16 CET 2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

On Friday, the Government of Canada announced that Canadian Nuclear
Laboratories (CNL) will operate the National Research Universal (NRU)
reactor until March 31, 2018, subject to relicensing. At the conclusion of
this period, the reactor will be placed in a state of storage with
surveillance until decommissioning.


In response to this announcement, CNL has communicated that is conducting
an assessment of the business case for a new neutron source and is planning
for a ‘neutron gap’. It further plans to take full advantage of the
remaining three years of NRU operations to maximize benefit from the
reactor, and will continue operating the Canadian Neutron Beam Centre
(CNBC). It is expected that the CNBC will continue to offer access to
neutron beams to the user community, to maximum extent possible through
March 2018.

CINS is monitoring developments and will communicate with members as more
details become available.

Professor Chris Wiebe, CINS President

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