[Neutron] CETS2015 - 9th neutron school of Budapest

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Fri Mar 13 10:00:42 CET 2015

9th Central European Training School on Neutron Techniques
Date: 4-8 May, 2015
Location: Budapest KFKI Campus of Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Application deadline: 1st April

We are welcoming PhD and master students, post-doc scientists as well 
as newcomers to the neutron research from the field of structural research 
in physics, chemistry, biology, material science etc.

The training consists of 5 days of lectures and experimental works.

Available instruments
Small Angle Neutron Scattering (YS)
Reflectometer (GINA)
Triple Axis Spectrometer (TAS)
Neutron Diffractometer (ND)
Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis and Neutron Induced Prompt Gamma-ray 
Spectroscopy Station (PGAA/NIPS-NORMA)

Poster and Flash presentations
The participants will have the possibility to present on a poster and in 5 
minutes flash presentation their field of interest as well as to have 
discussions with the instrument scientists.

Grants are available.

Further details: www.kfki.hu/cets

Adél Len and László Rosta


9th Central European Training School on neutron techniques
4-8 May, 2015, Budapest, Hungary

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