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Good Afternoon,

My name is Kerry Herbert, I am the Marketing and Administration Manager for Scintacor Ltd.

Scintacor, is the new name for Applied Scintillation Technologies, we are the world leader in phosphor and scintillation technology. Our products allow the conversion of many different radiations into light for imaging and detection. Scintacor has a comprehensive Caesium Iodide production facilities backed up by full in house testing and characterisation laboratories, all housed within our clean rooms.

Our comprehensive product range provides the interface for the detection of neutrons, alpha and beta particles, gamma rays, electrons, ions, X-rays, UV/Visible and infra-red radiation, these are used in a diverse range of applications including:

Dental X-ray imaging, general radiography and fluoroscopy, therapeutic radiography and oncology, industrial NDT, health and safety, quality control, nuclear decommissioning, mail, baggage and cargo inspection, analytical instrumentation, oil well logging, space exploration and radiation protection.

In addition to our standard product range, we are always delighted to discuss the development and manufacture of customised scintillation products for specific applications. Products which could be of interest to you include:

Glass scintillators (GS20® 6Li Glass, GS30 7Li Glass) for use in neutron.

SecureX ND (6LiF ZnS:Ag (or :Cu, Al, Au)) which is a high performance neutron detection screen.

SecureX LG which is a specialist lithium glass for neutron detection and is used in radiation threat monitoring.

GS20® Lithium-6 Glass

Scintacor manufactures Lithium-6/Cerium activated glass, which provides an extremely robust thermal neutron scintillator. It is used to detect back-scattered neutrons produced from hydrocarbon bearing shales found during oil exploration or during other research applications. The benefits of this product are it can operate at wide temperature range - up to 200ºC, sub-micro second decay time, robust and chemically inert and high X-ray discrimination and good sensitivity

GS30 Lithium-7 Glass

These glass scintillators are commonly used in combination with the GS20® scintillators to provide accurate neutron/gamma discrimination. The Lithium-7/Cerium activated glass has minimal neutron response. This combination of glasses is commonly used in radiation monitoring and contamination control instruments. The benefits of the product are it can operate at wide temperature range - up to 200ºC and has a sub-micro second decay time.

SecureX LG

SecureX LG is a specialist lithium glass for neutron detection, produced in sheet form it can be tiled to produce robust area detectors. The lithium glass is chemically inert and can withstand high temperature and pressures, making it particularly suitable for use in harsh environments. The benefits of this product are it can withstand high pressures and temperatures, therefore suitable for use in harsh environments.

SecureX ND

SecureX ND is a 6LiF ZnS high performance neutron detection screen available in two versions.

The first is a standard blue version (silver doped: 6LiF ZnS:Ag) that offers low sensitivity to background gamma in order to improve discrimination. The second is a green (copper, aluminium and gold doped: 6LiF ZnS:Cu,Al,Au) version which is ideal for CCD coupling. The benefits of the product are the large area imaging - up to 1m x 1m and it has high thermal neutron absorption.

If any of the above products are something that could be of interest to your organization or if you would like to request more information please do not hesitate to get in contact.

I will follow up on this e-mail with a phone call in the next few days.

Best Regards,

Kerry Herbert

Kerry Herbert
Marketing & Administration Manager


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the new name for Applied Scintillation Technologies

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