[Neutron] J-PARC MLF 2015B Call for Proposals - UPDATE

J-PARC MLF international at cross.or.jp
Thu May 21 08:08:37 CEST 2015

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*​J-PARC MLF​ 2015B Call for Proposals​​*

Currently we have not provided the service of MLF user operations due
to a malfunction of the cooling system for the neutron target station.

You will find the more details on the website indicated below:

We still have not been able to do any decision on the call of general
use proposals for J-PARC MLF 2015B, because we are still investigating
the cause of the malfunction. We will keep you informed on the status
of the MLF and the future operation, thus the call for proposals.

We would deeply appreciate your understanding.

J-PARC & CROSS Secretariat for Proposal Review Team
Email: jimurisoku at ml.j-parc.jp
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