[Neutron] ISMC 2016 - First announcement

Giovanna Fragneto fragneto at ill.fr
Wed May 27 08:44:53 CEST 2015


 Dear Colleagues,

 This is the first announcement about the 4th International Soft Matter
Conference (ISMC 2016) which will be held at the Alpexpo Alpes Congrès
in Grenoble, France from 12-16th September 2016. Three previous
conferences were held in Aachen (2007), Granada (2010) and Rome (2013),
and brought together up to 800 experimentalists and theorists working in
the Soft Matter field. The conference covers both the fundamental and
applied aspects of Soft Matter and Complex Systems. Local organisers of
ISMC2016 include scientists from the large-scale facilities ILL and ESRF
as well as from the Grenoble University and other research organisations
such as CEA, CNRS, and INPG in Grenoble.

 Further details are available at URL www.ismc2016.org [1] or can be
obtained by e-mail : info at ismc2016.org

 A second announcement with more details about the conference program
and abstract submission will be circulated later this summer.

 We hope that you will join us in what is expected to be an exciting

 Best wishes,

 Peter Lindner
 (on behalf of the organizing committee)
 Jean-Louis Barrat
 (on behalf of the program committee)

 PS: Our apologies if you receive this e-mail more than once.

 If you do not wish to receive further e-mails with respect to this
conference, please reply to ismc2016 at insight-outside.fr with UNSUBSCRIBE
FROM ISMC2016 in the subject.
_(c) 2005 - 2015 Insight Outside [2]_ 


[1] http://www.ismc2016.org
[2] http://www.insight-outside.fr
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