[Neutron] Opening for PhD position: In-situ neutron reflectometry studies on thin magnetic layers and heterostructures

Wolfgang Kreuzpaintner Wolfgang.Kreuzpaintner at frm2.tum.de
Tue Sep 8 14:41:12 CEST 2015

Dear colleagues,

this is to draw your attention to a PhD Position with Technische 
universität München. Please forward this to interested candidates.

Thank you!

Kind regards
Wolfgang Kreuzpaintner


PhD position: "In-situ neutron reflectometry studies on thin magnetic 
layers and heterostructures"

A PhD position is available at the Physics Department E21 at Technical 
University of Munich (TUM), Germany, which will be carried out in 
collaboration with the National Institute of Standards (NIST), USA.
The appointment has a fixed term duration of 3 years

Project Outline:
In the last years, our group at TUM succeeded in developing and 
commissioning a sputter deposition system for in-situ polarized neutron 
reflectivity (PNR) on thin magnetic layers. The setup can be installed 
either at the sample area of the neutron reflectometer REFSANS at the 
FRM II neutron source, Garching, or at the AMOR beamline at the 
Paul-Scherrer-Institut (PSI), Switzerland. In the upcoming years, our 
primary goal is to apply these capabilities to investigate the evolution 
of magnetism in thin magnetic layers of several systems.

In this context the aspect of data evaluation and the further 
development and implementation of the Reflectivity Fitting Software 
REFL1D for the real-time analysis of reflectometry data will be in the 
focus and shall be the primary working field in the first 1 to 1.5 years 
of the PhD project. For this part of the thesis work, it is envisaged 
that the successful candidate will be stationed at NIST (USA), where 
he/she will work closely with our collaboration partners.

In the second half of the PhD project, which will be carried out at TUM, 
the software shall be installed and implemented at our in-situ 
deposition setup, such that the data evaluation can be carried out in 
real-time at the beamline.

To use the software and its implementation for research on a specific 
scientific problem, the non-collinear ordering in magnetic 
heterostructures would be a fascinating topic. Additionally, the in-situ 
investigation of interfacial effects of epitaxially grown films will be 

The applicant must have a MSc (or equivalent) in physics, preferably 
with a good general background in condensed matter physics. An affinity 
for programming and the knowledge of at least one programming language 
will be required (ideally Python). The knowledge of scattering 
techniques will be an asset.

Details of Employment:
The successful candidate will be employed by TUM for a fixed duration of 
3 years.
The salary is according to 75% TVL.

Further information about the position can be obtained from:
Dr. Wolfgang Kreuzpaintner, Wolfgang.Kreuzpaintner at frm2.tum.de, Tel.: 
+49 (0)89/289-14740
Applications with CV, certificates for both Bachelor and Master degrees, 
list of publications and other scientific works shall be e-mailed to 
Wolfgang.Kreuzpaintner at frm2.tum.de.

The position is immediately available.


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