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Subject: Abstract submission due 9/18 - 2015 SNS/HFIR User Meeting

To the SNS and HFIR User Community -
Please join us for the 2015 SNS and HFIR User's Meeting<https://public.ornl.gov/conferences/neutrons/USER2015/> to be held at ORNL, October 26 and 27, 2015!
Abstract Submission Deadline Friday September 18, 2015

The aims of this meeting are to bring together current and potential neutron users to discuss recent scientific results utilizing neutrons and to strengthen the representation of the needs of the neutron user community. This meeting will emphasize current and emerging research trends that will influence the development of new neutron facilities, specifically the Second Target Station at ORNL.
This Users' Meeting will highlight a broad range of scientific areas utilizing neutrons, including recent advances in sample environments and data analysis and modeling. We encourage all users to get involved in this important meeting, and help shape the future of neutron science at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. We are accepting a<https://public.ornl.gov/conferences/neutrons/user2015/abstract/>bstract<https://public.ornl.gov/conferences/neutrons/user2015/abstract/>s<https://public.ornl.gov/conferences/neutrons/user2015/abstract/> for oral and poster presentations of scientific studies conducted using the neutron scattering facilities at ORNL.
Additionally, in response to user feedback about data analysis needs, we are pleased to offer  software tutorials<https://public.ornl.gov/conferences/neutrons/USER2015/workshops.shtml> for several software packages developed at ORNL that are available for data modeling, analysis, and visualization.  The tutorials will be held October 24-25, 2015 prior to the Users' Meeting.  Registration for software tutorials is done via the meeting registration form.
A workshop on the Second Target Station (STS<https://public.ornl.gov/conferences/neutrons/STS2015/>) will follow the  Users' Meeting and will be held October 27-29, 2015.  We encourage User Meeting attendees to participate in the STS workshop events (please note that a separate registration<https://public.ornl.gov/conferences/neutrons/STS2015/> for the STS workshop is required).
Important Dates:
Abstract Submission Deadline<https://public.ornl.gov/conferences/neutrons/user2015/abstract/> - September 18, 2015
Beamline Scientist Award Nominations<https://public.ornl.gov/conferences/neutrons/User2015/awards.shtml> due October 5, 2015
Registration Deadline<https://public.ornl.gov/conferences/neutrons/user2015/registration/https:/public.ornl.gov/conferences/neutrons/user2015/registration/> - October 9, 2015

Meeting contacts:

Laura Morris Edwards (edwardslm at ornl.gov<mailto:edwardslm at ornl.gov>)

Jen Niedziela (niedzielajl at ornl.gov<mailto:niedzielajl at ornl.gov>)

Titonia (Toni) Sawyer (sawyertk at ornl.gov<mailto:sawyertk at ornl.gov>)

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