[Neutron] Leadership position at ANSTO, Sydney, Australia [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

ROBINSON, Robert rro at ansto.gov.au
Fri Oct 16 07:05:32 CEST 2015

See https://anstocareers.nga.net.au/cp/index.cfm?event=jobs.viewDisplayOnlyJobDetails&returnToEvent=jobs.listJobs&jobid=1B539FA7-84B6-4BC9-87F2-A53300CABFB2&CurATC=EXT&CurBID=0AC44449%2DCFC1%2D4622%2D9710%2D9DB401354878&JobListID=22FC4F47%2DE994%2D46A3%2DB8C9%2D9BC901269F43&jobsListKey=fc9b5b54%2D0e48%2D4504%2Db71c%2D6a189aa3012b&persistVariables=CurATC,CurBID,JobListID,jobsListKey,JobID&lid=58126770018
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.
Lucas Heights and Camperdown, NSW. Clayton, Victoria.

ANSTO is Australia's national organisation for nuclear science and technology. We deploy nuclear research and innovation to benefit industry, people and the environment. The Nuclear Science and Technology (NST) Group encompass ANSTO's research missions, landmark research infrastructure and associated platforms, and research management and technology transfer services. NST provides users with access to, among others, the Australian Synchrotron, the Bragg Institute and the Centre for Accelerator Sciences. Our endeavours connect people, transfer knowledge and provide nuclear-based products and services for the benefit of the Australian economy.

Reporting to the CEO the Group Executive is a member of the Executive Standing Committee. The position has performance goals within a five year planning horizon with P&L and capital accountability and shared objectives with the Executive Standing Committee. The incumbent will the lead Nuclear Science and Technology Group developing a network of relationships with external stakeholders in government, research and industry locally and overseas. Key mandates for the incumbent include setting priorities, galvanising the people of the NST Group and securing new and additional funding for research, infrastructure and other programs; and leveraging partnerships and collaborations to maximise capability, value and strategic outcomes.

This exceptional role requires you to be a change leader who can support existing change initiatives and craft a coherent and effective leadership team. Experience in developing a flexible high performing workforce and implementing the strategic direction for multi-decadal, multi-disciplinary, multi-user platforms is required. A PhD or equivalent qualification in a science, technology, engineering field, with a record of outstanding achievement and recognised professional standing is needed.

Contact Craig Dingle at craig.dingle at hays.com.au or 02 8226 9761.

Dr Robert Robinson
Head, Bragg Institute

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

+61 2 9717 9204
robert.robinson at ansto.gov.au<mailto:robert.robinson at ansto.gov.au>

[fb]<http://www.facebook.com/DiscoverANSTO> [tw] <https://twitter.com/ANSTO>  [ln] <http://www.linkedin.com/company/ansto>  [yt] <http://www.youtube.com/user/ANSTOVideos>


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