[Neutron] HERCULES 2022: opening of the application

Béa GRENIER grenier at ill.fr
Mon Sep 6 12:30:51 CEST 2021


Dear colleagues,

*It is our great pleasure to announce the launching of our new Hercules 
website**, together with the opening of the application to Hercules 2022.*
*The HERCULES 2022 session will take place on site (if the sanitary 
conditions allow it),**from 28th February to 1st April 2022.*

*--> https://hercules-school.eu*

*Please find below and in the attached pdf the announcement of the 
Hercules 2022 session.

Thanks to spread the word in your laboratory and network.

With our best regards

Marc de Boissieu, Béatrice Grenier, and Giorgio Schiro

*HERCULES 2022**- European School*
/Neutron & Synchrotron Radiation Science since 1991/

*2022 **session**:**/28th February - 1st April, 2022/*

     HERCULES is a European course for PhD students and young 
researchers using *Neutrons* *and **Synchrotron Radiation* for 
applications in *Biology*, *Chemistry*, *Physics*, *Hard & Soft 
Condensed Matter*.

     The 5-week school includes *lectures* (60%), *hands-on practicals, 
labs &* *tutorials* (30%), visits, a poster session, group work 
sessions, ...
/*P*//*articipants will spend one week in a partner institution*//in 
Europe among/: *

  * *DESY* and *European XFEL* in Hamburg, Germany
  * *KIT Light Source* in Karlsruhe, Germany
  * *PSI* in Villigen, Switzerland
  * *Soleil* in Paris-Saclay, France

      This comes in addition to tutorials, labs, and practicals which 
will take place in Grenoble at *ILL*, *ESRF* and Grenoble Laboratories 
(*CEA*, *CNRS*, *EMBL*, *IBS*).

      The school  includes a common part and two parallel sessions:
- /*Physics and chemistry of condensed matter (session A)*/
- /*Biomolecular and soft condensed matter (session B)*/
/Why join Hercules//?
/*- to *learn new techniques using neutron and synchrotron radiation*
- to expand your *theoretical *and*practical *knowledge, /not only for 
your present research but for your scientific career/
- to *experiment these techniques* on world-class instruments & beamlines
- to build a network of relations with fellow young researchers and 
experienced teachers from all over the World

/*    Bursaries/reduced costs*/
- A limited number of bursaries will be available to reduce registration 

  * Hercules website: https://hercules-school.eu
  * Full list of lectures: https://hercules-school.eu/general-programme
    <https://hercules-school.eu/general-programme> (with links to the
    dedicated pages)
  * Download the full 2020 Booklet (lectures, practicals..)

*Contact email* for the Hercules annual school: 
hercules at hercules-school.eu <mailto:hercules at hercules-school.eu>

Béatrice GRENIER

Assistant Professor at Université Grenoble Alpes
Director of studies, HERCULES school

17 avenue des Martyrs
38000 Grenoble, France

Office at ILL: Room ILL4-140, Tel: +33 (0)4 76 20 74 23, E-mail: 
grenier at ill.fr
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