[Neutron] New Release of Mantid: 6.6.0

Gemma Guest - STFC UKRI gemma.guest at stfc.ac.uk
Tue Feb 21 18:48:28 CET 2023


We are proud to announce version 6.6.0 of Mantid. Installation packages can be found on our download page<https://download.mantidproject.org/>. You can also access the source code on the GitHub release page<https://github.com/mantidproject/mantid/releases/tag/v6.6.0>.

This release includes a wide array of updates, bugfixes, and new features, which build on the functionality of Mantid, including an upgrade to version 3.6 of matplotlib.

In addition to many improvements we are delighted to announce some new features including:

  *   A significant ALFView<https://docs.mantidproject.org/nightly/interfaces/direct/ALFView.html#alfview-ref> upgrade, which enhances usability, streamlines the workflow, and delivers a more intuitive user experience.
  *   The addition of a Reduction Preview<https://docs.mantidproject.org/nightly/interfaces/reflectometry/ISIS%20Reflectometry.html#refl-preview> tab to the ISIS Reflectometry interface.
  *   The new Inelastic Data Manipulation<https://docs.mantidproject.org/nightly/interfaces/indirect/Inelastic%20Data%20Manipulation.html#interface-inelastic-data-manipulation> interface, which has been created from the old Data Reduction interface and two of the tabs from the Analysis interface.
  *   New plots using matplotlib 3D<https://docs.mantidproject.org/nightly/plotting/MeshPlotHelp.html#mesh-plots> for viewing the Sample Shape of a workspace.
Please take a look at the release notes<https://docs.mantidproject.org/nightly/release/v6.6.0/index.html>, which are filled with details of all the changes and improvements in many other areas. The development team has put a great effort into making all of these improvements and we would like to thank all of our beta testers for their time and effort helping us to make this another reliable version. Thank you to everyone that has reported any issues to us and please keep on reporting any problems you have on our forum<https://forum.mantidproject.org/> or by email on mantid-help at mantidproject.org<http://mantid-help@mantidproject.org>.

Kind regards,
The Mantid Team

Gemma Guest (she/her)
Senior Scientific Software Engineer
Science and Technology Facilities Council
gemma.guest at stfc.ac.uk<mailto:gemma.guest at stfc.ac.uk>
01235 394011 | 07732 642473

Mantid Project https://www.mantidproject.org<https://www.mantidproject.org/>
Mantid Forum (news and help) https://forum.mantidproject.org<https://forum.mantidproject.org/>

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