[Neutron] Job opening at ISIS : Imaging and diffraction

Saurabh Kabra - STFC UKRI saurabh.kabra at stfc.ac.uk
Thu Feb 23 11:21:03 CET 2023

Dear Colleagues,

We are looking to fill two open ended positions in the engineering and imaging group at ISIS neutron and muon source. Please see description and link to apply below. Please feel free to forward it to anyone who might be interested.

Instrument Scientist - Imaging and Diffraction

The role
As an instrument scientist, you will conduct independent research in an imaging/diffraction related field and support/collaborate with research groups who visit IMAT - imaging and diffraction beamline. You will develop expertise in imaging/diffraction based neutron techniques and help support a thriving user community of researchers. You will be given the opportunity to advance the technical aspects of the IMAT instrument and develop hardware, software and techniques. You will be strongly encouraged and supported to carry out your own independent research programme in any related scientific field in the life or physical sciences (e.g. materials science, engineering, battery research, biology, earth science etc.) using neutron imaging and/or diffraction.
Broadly, the three main aspects of this role are (1) independent scientific research, (2) instrument operation and user support and (3) instrumentation and technique development. There is a degree of flexibility in the proportion of the above three, depending on your skills and interests.
*         Support the user program on IMAT: provide support for users from universities and industry.
*         Pursue independent scientific research using neutron imaging and/or diffraction.
*         Contribute to the development of new capabilities on IMAT and other instruments in the group, including new instrumentation, sample environment facilities and data analysis techniques.
*         Seek funding, internally and externally for the instrument and other equipment upgrades.
*         Actively work on increasing the user base by raising awareness of neutron capabilities in the scientific and industrial communities.
*         Provide supervision for students and junior team members.
*         Conduct and disseminate research via publications and conference presentations.
*         Conduct tours and other outreach activities for visiting scientists and visiting members of the public.
Essential Criteria:
*         Ph.D. or equivalent degree in a physical science, life science, engineering or related discipline, plus some relevant postdoctoral experience
*         Excellent scientific background in his/her relevant discipline
*         Recognized international profile in imaging, diffraction and/or other neutron/x-ray techniques (publication record)
*         Noticeable potential of an independent scientific profile in a related area of physical or life sciences.
*         User experience of working on beamlines at large scale facilities
*         In-depth knowledge of and experience with neutron or x-ray imaging
*         In-depth knowledge of neutron or x-ray image analysis using existing packages for reconstruction, segmentation, image analysis or Bragg edge analysis
*         Research interest in a field of physical or life sciences which has direct relevance to neutron imaging/diffraction
*         Work experience at a large scale user facility
*         Proficiency in modern programming languages. e.g. Python
*         Direct hands on experience of independently operating a neutron or synchrotron instrument
*         Experience working with complex data analysis and working with large data sets
*         Experience with neutron instrumentation simulation (e.g. McStas ray tracing package) or knowledge of neutron beamline components
*         Good awareness of and engagement with the UK and international neutron user community
To apply :  Instrument Scientist - Imaging and diffraction - Careers Portal Careers<https://www.careersportal.co.uk/UKRI-careers/jobs/instrument-scientist-%E2%80%93-imaging-and-diffraction-2938>

Best wishes

Saurabh Kabra, PhD
Group Leader - Engineering and Imaging
Senior Instrument Scientist, ISIS neutron source, STFC-UKRI
Associate Professor, University of Bristol
saurabh.kabra at stfc.ac.uk<mailto:saurabh.kabra at stfc.ac.uk>
Mob: 07557203812 | Tel: 01235 44 6729

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