[Neutron] MRM2023 (Advanced Materials Research Grand Meeting 2023)

Wed Apr 5 15:34:56 CEST 2023

Title: Announcement on MRM2023 (Call for abstract)

To whom it may concern
MRM2023 (Advanced Materials Research Grand Meeting 2023) will be held in Kyoto, Japan in December 11-16, 2023. This international conference is held with the aim of promoting materials and material science internationally. It consists of 33 symposia in total, among which there is a symposium using analyses based on synchrotron radiation, neutrons and muons. This is an important conference for the development of materials science using quantum beams, so please actively participate and apply for a presentation. We would appreciate it if you would like to participate in this event.
Homepage: https://mrm2023.jmru.org/

Related symposia:
A-3: Materials Research by Advanced analysis: Synchrotron radiation and Neutron methods
The official application deadline is May 31st.

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