[Neutron] Job Postings in the ISIS Inelastic Neutron Spectroscopy Division

Victoria Garcia Sakai - STFC UKRI victoria.garcia-sakai at stfc.ac.uk
Thu Dec 14 17:52:53 CET 2023

We have four job openings within the Inelastic Neutron Spectroscopy Division at ISIS Neutron and Muon Source, UK

  1.  Instrument Scientist for the TOSCA (at ISIS)/ VESPA (at ESS) neutron vibrational spectrometers, fixed-term 4 year position: https://www.careersportal.co.uk/UKRI-careers/jobs/tosca-vespa-instrument-scientist-3954
  2.  Instrument Scientist for the VESUVIO spectrometer at ISIS,  permanent contract: https://www.careersportal.co.uk/UKRI-careers/jobs/vesuvio-instrument-scientist-3953
  3.  Instrument Scientist for the MERLIN spectrometer at ISIS, permanent contract: https://www.careersportal.co.uk/UKRI-careers/jobs/isis-excitations-group-merlin-instrument-scientist-3948
  4.  Instrument Scientist for the LET spectrometer at ISIS, permanent contract: https://www.careersportal.co.uk/UKRI-careers/jobs/isis-excitations-group-let-instrument-scientist-3947

Deadline for applications is early to mid-January, please refer to the job adverts.

If you are interested and would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact myself Victoria.garcia-sakai at stfc.ac.uk<mailto:Victoria.garcia-sakai at stfc.ac.uk>), or Stewart Parker (stewart.parker at stfc.ac.uk<mailto:stewart.parker at stfc.ac.uk>) for the TOSCA and VESUVIO positions, and David Voneshen (David.voneshen at stfc.ac.uk<mailto:David.voneshen at stfc.ac.uk>) for the MERLIN and LET positions.

Dr. Victoria Garcia Sakai
Division Head, Neutron Spectroscopy @ ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Tel: 01235 446703
Email: victoria.garcia-sakai at stfc.ac.uk<mailto:victoria.garcia-sakai at stfc.ac.uk>

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