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Tue Jul 2 14:08:01 CDT 1996

                                              Grenoble, 28th June 1996

ILL has a number of posts available for scientists.  Please circulate
the following summary to likely candidates.

               Posts for Research Scientists at ILL

ILL is seeking scientists who, in addition to developing their own
research programme, will participate in the operation and improvement
of instruments and techniques, and assist visiting scientists in
conducting their experiments.

These posts, which will be of fixed term for up to five years, offer
an excellent opportunity for young scientists to develop their expertise
and interact with leading scientists from many countries.

Please do not return replies directly to this notice. 
Further information on these posts is available from the WWW home-page of
the ILL,   

The addresses of the Instrument Group Leaders involved are given below:

- High resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy 
  contact Dr. H. Boerner, tel (33)76207394,  e-mail borner at

- Triple axis spectrometry
  contact Dr. R. Currat,  tel (33)76207086,  e-mail currat at

- High Resolution spectroscopy
  contact Dr. A.J. Dianoux, tel (33)76207206, e-mail dianoux at

- Small angle scattering
  contact Dr. P. Timmins, tel (33)76207263, e-mail timmins at

The closing date for applications is 15th August 1996.

Institut Laue Langevin, BP 156, 38042 Grenoble Cedex 9,  France
fax (33)76483906

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