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Fri Jul 19 13:28:35 CDT 1996

Grenoble,  1 July 1996

Call for Proposals at ILL

Our next deadline for proposals is 31 August 1996. There are new proposal
form; if you need proposal forms and/or experimental-report forms, please
contact us. 

It is essential for the ILL that results of all experiments are made
available as soon as possible; the subcommittees will take account of
reports on previous related experiments for all (including "new") submitted
proposals, when taking their decisions, so please attach appropriate
reports. Please be aware that the subcommittees might reject a proposal, if
reports from previous experiments are missing. It is recommended to read the
guidelines on the new proposal form.

For the forthcoming round there will be 2 1/2 cycles (a cycle is 50 days)
available for beam-time allocation from January to July 1997.
The next scientific council with its subcommittee meetings will be on
16/17/18 October 1996.

The following instruments are available for the forthcoming round:
ð Powder diffractometers: D1A* , D1B# D2B, D20# 
ð Liquids diffractometer: D4
ð Single-crystal diffractometers: D3, D9, D10, D15*, D19, DB21
ð Topography: S20* 
ð Small-angle scattering: D11, D22, (D17 only for special SANS experiments,
priority will be given to reflectivity experiments)
ð Small momentum transfer diffractometer: D16
ð Reflectometers: D17, EVA*, ADAM*
ð Diffuse scattering spectrometer: D7
ð Three-axis spectrometers: IN1, IN3*, IN8, IN12*, IN14, IN20
ð Time-of-flight spectrometers: IN5, IN6,
ð Backscattering and spin-echo spectrometers: IN10, IN11, IN16
ð Nuclear physics instruments: PN1, PN3
ð Fundamental physics instruments: PF1, PF2

You will find details of the instruments in the "Guide for neutron research
facilities at ILL", the Yellow Book (available at SCO) or on the web under

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further details or more forms:
Ave. des Martyrs, BP 156
F-38042 Grenoble Cedex 9
phone: +33 76 20 70 82, fax: +33 76 48 39 06, email: sco at
(Please note that the French phone numbers will change on 18 October : a 4
will have to be added, e.g. +33 4 76 20 70 82)

* Instruments marked with an asterisk are CRG instruments, where a smaller
amount of beam time is available than on ILL-funded instruments.

# D20 is expected to be available to replace D1B as a scheduled instrument.
D1B will then become a CRG instrument.
You can transfer the ILL proposal form directly as a binary file from ILL's
computer "ftp" as user anonymous (under pub/sco). Do not forget to do all
transfers in binary.

The commands are: 

  1. ftp (or ftp 
  2. anonymous - to login; it is only a read account (password is your email
  3. cd pub/sco - this is the subdirectory which contains the files. 
  4. bin - set to binary. 
        get illp5_96.mac - this gives you the Macintosh word (5.1) file. 
        get illp6_96.doc        - this gives you the PC word for windows (6.0) 
        get illp2_96.doc        - this gives you the PC word for windows (2.0) 
  5. quit - to get out of it 

The experimental-report forms are
    exprp_96.mac - this gives you the Macintosh word (5.1) file 
    exprp_96.doc - this gives you the PC word for windows (6.0) file 
    expr2_96.doc - this gives you the PC word for windows (2.0) file 

Special forms for British users:
        im1_form.doc - this gives you the PC Word for Windows 6.0 file. 
        im1_form.mac - this gives you the Macintosh Word 5.1 file. 

special Macintosh:

For transferring the proposal form with versaterm onto your macintosh you
have to set your "versaterm FTP server" in the control panels onto binary,
not macbinary. 

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