launch of Chalk River WWW

Ronald B. Rogge rogger at
Fri Sep 13 16:13:36 CDT 1996

Hello Fellow Neutron Counters:

Despite our current funding woes, we continue to push on and 
are pleased to announce that the neutron scattering group 
at Chalk River Laboratories, AECL has just made public our 
fledgling WWW site.  This site is being managed by the members
of the Neutron and Condensed Matter Science branch (NCMS) and 
is independent of the Official AECL WWW Site.

As with all WWW sites, it will always be under construction
and significant improvements are planned when things become
more stable.  Please check it out an let us know what think.

Regards from NCMS.

URL for CRL/NCMS (neutron) WWW:
URL for Official AECL WWW:

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