Bad messages, addresses, etc.

Tom Worlton worlton at
Tue Sep 24 13:03:54 CDT 1996

This is to apologize for accidentally sending a message to this group and to
apologize to those who tried to access the neutron web site
( last week as well as ask for help in finding
correct addresses for some subscribers. 

I don't recommend apologizing for extra messages sent to a mailing list,
because that just adds more messages, but I thought I would take this chance to
ask for help on finding some correct addresses for people who have subscribed
to the group and then changed systems.  Every time a message is sent to the
neutron mailing list, I get about a dozen error messages by email.  If this
group had a larger volume, I would remove the bad addresses immediately, but I
haven't done that yet.  I have attached some of the bad addresses to the end of
this list.  If anyone can give me the correct address for these people, please
send me the address at "tgworlton at". If you are going to change email
addresses because of a change in computers or any other reason, please
"SIGNOFF" the neutron list before changing, and then "SUBSCRIBE" again when
your new mail account is working.  Send these requests in the body of a message
to "neutron-request at".  Note that the subject line is ignored by the
mail server. 

The neutron list currently has 536 subscribers.

The Web server used for the neutron web page was upgraded last week to Windows
NT 4.0 and the Web Server software changed to Microsoft Internet Information
Server. This caused some problems for awhile, and some pages could not be
accessed without a password.  I believe these problems have been corrected and
you can now access all pages.  I have also added links to a number of pages
about physics in general.  This material is under construction, but I would
appreciate any suggestions. 

Tom Worlton
tc01 at ISDS10.ND.RL.AC.UK
krrao at
magnum!krrao at
jbe at TXFS1.HFB.SE
shapiro at BNLCL1.BNL.GOV
colin.windsor at AEA.ORGN.UK
jkondis at ORION.OAC.UCI.EDU

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