PhD-position on spin-echo SANS in Delft, the Netherlands

Wim G. Bouwman w.g.bouwman at IRI.TUDELFT.NL
Thu Feb 22 16:54:04 CST 2001

PhD-position at the Interfacultair Reactor Institute (IRI), TUDelft, The
The information on the job is available at
The dead line for application is March 10th.

Experimental physicist or physical chemist
The development of the new SANS technique, spin echo SANS (SESANS) is
part of the FOM-programme for Technical and Phenomenological physics.
SESANS promises to become a big expansion in the possibilities of
measuring techniques in mesoscopic physics. The technique uses the
precession of polarised neutrons in magnetic fields. The spin-echo of
the precession yields detailed information on structures in mesoscopic
systems on characteristic distances of 5 nanometer up to microns.
Furthermore, the expectation is that the new technique gives the
information in measuring times of seconds or minutes which is extremely
short compared to conventional SANS. This technique can be applied in
studies of structural phase transitions in metals, structures in
colloidal particles and other mesoscopic systems as polymers and

Job description
You will participate in the SANS research programme of this group or in
the programmes of the user group for the new SESANS instrument. These
are structural studies into the phase behaviour of polymers, colloids
and food materials in collaboration with the universities of Groningen
and Utrecht and the NIZO and Unilever. The SANS measurements will be
performed on the new SESANS-instrument and on SANS-instruments at other
European neutron sources. Intensive collaboration with scientist from
the Netherlands and abroad are an important part of your PhD.

The department of neutron scattering and Mössbauer spectrometry
investigates the properties of solid state materials (e.g. polymers,
magnetic material and catalysts) by measuring their transmission and
scattering of neutrons and gamma rays. The department has its own
facilities for these measurements. Many measurements are performed at
facilities in France, the UK and Germany.
The research group Instrument Innovation investigates new methods of
neutron scattering with polarised neutrons: small angle neutron
scattering (SANS), high-resolution neutron diffraction and neutron

We are looking for a technical interested experimental physicist of
physical chemist with interest in the physics of mesoscopic systems.
Experience with scattering techniques would be an advantage.

Conditions of employment
As a PhD-student you will get a position at the FOM-foundation for 4
years. During the first year the gross salary is fl. 2470,- per month.
This amount will increase to fl. 4199,- during the fourth year. During
the first three years an additional allowance is paid of respectively
fl. 700,-, fl. 500,- and fl. 300,- gross per month. For your pension you
will participate in 'Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP'.
You are supposed to have a thesis finished at the end of your four-year
term with FOM. A training program is part of the agreement; you and your
supervisor will make up a plan for the additional education and
supervising that you specifically need (the so called 'Opleidings- en
The conditions of employment of the FOM-foundation are laid down in the
'CAO-Onderzoekinstellingen', which can be consulted through this website
under Personeelsinfo (this information is in Dutch). General information
about working at FOM can be found in the English part of this website
under Personnel.

Background information about this position can be found at
For more specific information about this position please contact Dr.
W.G. Bouwman, w.g.bouwman at, telephone 015-278 6775 or Dr.
M.T. Rekveldt, rekveldt at, telephone 015-278 2107

You can send your application to Written application with curriculum
vitae can be sent to Dr. W.G. Bouwman, Interfacultair Reactor Instituut,
Mekelweg 15, 2629 JB Delft, Netherlands.


Dr. Wim G. Bouwman             phone (++31) (0)15 2786775
Interfacultair Reactor Instituut  fax (++31) (0)15 2788303
Technische universiteit Delft    w.g.bouwman at
Mekelweg 15                
2629 JB Delft                         The Netherlands

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