Powder Diffraction Course, May 25/26, Ontario

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Mon Feb 26 14:11:25 CST 2001

Course: 4th Canadian Powder Diffraction Course
Dates: Friday May 25th and Saturday 26th 2001
Location: University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 

Target audience: We aim to give a firm foundation in powder diffraction
techniques. In the past there has been a mix of industry and academic
participants. Anybody who wishes to improve their knowledge of powder
diffraction is welcome. X-ray and neutron powder diffraction will be
covered. In the past we have had participants from many disciplines
including physics, chemistry, materials science and mineralogy. 

Topics: There will be introductions to Rietveld analysis methods, indexing
procedures and programs, linewidth analysis methods and their relation to
microstructural information. In addition, there will be talks on contrast
changing/resonant scattering at synchrotron sources and rigid body
constraints in refinements.

Speakers: Bob Von Dreele (Los Alamos, USA), Angus Wilkinson (Georgia Tech,
USA), Robin Shirley (University of Surrey, UK), 
Davor Balzar (NIST-Colorado, USA), Ian Swainson (NRC, Canada).

Costs: We aim to keep costs as low as possible to increase access. However,
there are a limited number of places. 
Registration is just Cdn$150 for non-students (ca. US$97.50) and Cdn$125 for
students (ca. US$81.25). 
Accommodation is available in residence at the University of Waterloo from
as low as Cdn$28.90 (ca. US$18.80) +taxes per person per night. 

On-line registration and further information:

Format: The course consists of a series of talks in the mornings of the two
days, followed by practical sessions through both afternoons which will be
run on PCs.  "Standard" problems will be available for students to practice
with, but participants are encouraged to bring their own problems to
discuss. The Rietveld components of the course will be chiefly taught
through GSAS, but the concepts are applicable to all  Rietveld codes.
Participants can bring the codes with which they are most familiar to work
on their own problems.

The University of Waterloo is 1-1.5 hours from Toronto airport. For those
flying, lower airfares are generally available with a Saturday overnight
stay. The course is open to all who wish to attend: the last time this
course was offered, approximately 60% of partipants were from Canada and 40%
from the USA.

Acknowledgment: We are grateful to the Dean of Science and Chair of Physics
of the University of Waterloo, and the Canadian Institute for Neutron
Scattering for financial support.

Contacts: Bruce Torrie (torrie at uwaterloo.ca),  Ian Swainson
(Ian.Swainson at nrc.ca)

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