ICNS2001 3rd Announcement

Juergen Neuhaus juergen_neuhaus at Physik.TU-Muenchen.DE
Wed Jun 20 19:48:08 CDT 2001

      International Conference on Neutron Scattering 2001
           9.-13. September 2001, Munich, Germany
                Technische Universität München
                      3rd Announcement

The 2001 International Conference on Neutron Scattering will be held
in Munich and Garching over four days in September 2001, with a half
day off for an excursion (to Herrenchiemsee) or a visit of the new
Neutron Source FRM-II in Garching.

The conference intends to bring together scientists using neutrons and
instrumentation specialists. Advanced instrumentation for the ever
increasing needs of the scientists will be one of the central points
of the conference. The conference will largely support the
participation of young researchers. More than 80 students and young
researchers could be subsidized so far.

During the meeting of the International Programme Committee on the
8.-9. June 2001 83 oral presentations for the scientific programme
were selected in addion to the 52 talks in the mini symposia. Due to
the large number of contributions (in total 979) their will be up to 4
parallel sessions. As soon as we get the confirmation from the
speakers, you can find the detailed Programme on our web site. An
overview about the sessions is already online and attached below.

Registration can be done on our conference web site.


There is also information about the companions program with links to
sites of interest in and around Munich. In case of interest we kindly
ask accomapning persons to register for the one day sight seeing tours
in advance trough our conference organisation CTW:
Congress Organisation Thomas Wiese GmbH
Goßlerstraße 30
D-12161 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 8599 62-0
Fax: +49 30 8507 9826
email: alexandra.volk at ctw-congress.de

Local sight seeing tours in Munich can be booked on site during the

In late summer Munich is very atractive for tourists. We therefore
recommend early hotel bookings. You can do this during the online
registration via our conference organisation CTW. Furthermore a list
of hotels is provided on our web site.
Additionally the conference office can be reached by mail:
ICNS 2001
Physik Department E13
Technische Universität München
D-85747 Garching
phone: +49 89 289 12452
fax: +49 89 289 12473
email: info at icns2001.de

Scientific Programme

There will be fifteen scientific topics, which cover specific and
important areas of neutron scattering. In addition eight mini symposia
focus on particular and relevant topics. Each topic will be covered by
invited talks, which reveal some new and exciting aspects in that
area. It has become the tradition of the conference that the poster
sessions are a central part of the meeting. Therefore each session
and each mini-symposium will have its poster session.

   15:00 -19:00 Registration
   17:00 -19:00 Reception

    8:45 Welcome
         Plenary Session
    9:00 A. Zheludev, Interacting Quantum Spin Chains
    9:45 G. Zaccai, Neutrons in the Post-Genome Sequencing Era
   10:30 Coffee break
   11:00 T: Low Dimensional and Quantum Spin Systems
         T: Methods and Instrumentation I
         T: Materials in Motion
         T: Complex Fluids
   12:30 Lunch
   14:00 MS Magnetic Thin Films and Multilayers
         MS Neutrons and High-Energy X-Rays in Materials Science
         MS Hydrogen Atoms in Biological Function
         T: Bulk Polymers
   15:30 Coffee break
   16:00 MS continuation
         MS continuation
         MS continuation
   17:00-19:00 Poster Session A

         Plenary Session
    9:00 T. Hashimoto, Self-Assembling Processes in Polymer Systems
    9:45 S. Hayden, Novel Magnetic Excitations in Metals and
   10:30 Coffee break
   11:00 T: Magnetic Structure and Dynamics I
         T: Methods and Instrumentation II
         T: Hydrogen in Materials
         T: Molecules under Restraint
   12:30 Lunch
   14:00 MS Spin, Charge and Orbital Degrees of Freedom in Perovskites
            and Related Compounds
         MS Optimization of Neutron  Devices by Simulation
         MS Industrial Applications of Neutron Scattering
         T: Biological Systems I
   15:30 Coffee break
   16:00 MS continuation
         MS continuation
         MS continuation
         T: Biological Systems II
   17:00 Poster Session B
   19:00 Sandwiches and Beer
   20:00 Walter Hälg Prize Lecture

Wednesday (Garching)
         Plenary Session on Advanced Sources
    9:00 T. Mason, Spallation Neutron Source
    9:30 S. Ikeda, Japanese Spallation Neutron Source
   10:00 D. Richter, European Spallation Source
   10:30 W. Gläser, The New Neutron Source FRM-II
   11:00 Coffee break
   11:30 International Neutron Scattering Community 
         Overview of new and upgraded Neutron Sources
   12:15 Continental Communities:
 Group I   13:00 Lunch
           14:00 FRM-II Tour
 Group II  13:00 Conference Excursion: Herrenchiemsee

   19:00 Conference Dinner: Löwenbräukeller

    9:00 MS Charge, Lattice and Isotope Effects in High-Tc
         MS Instrumentation at Advanced Pulsed Neutron Sources
         T: Frustrated Magnets
         T: Polymer Solutions
   10:30 Coffee break
   11:00 MS continuation
         MS continuation
         T: Organic Molecules
         T: Interfaces and Confined Systems
   12:30 Lunch
   13:30 T: Magnetic Structure and Dynamics II
         T: Unusual Material States
         T: Glasses and Liquids
   15:00 Poster Session C
         Plenary Session
   17:30 H. Schober, From Zero to Three Dimensions: Solid State
                     Polymerization in Fullerenes
   18:15 T. Holden, Advancing Neutron Diffraction as a Tool for the
   19:00 Conclusion, Young Scientist Award

(T = Topical Session,   MS = Mini Symposia)


Juergen Neuhaus  Technische Universitaet Muenchen    Tel.: (+49) 89 2891 2187
ZBE FRM-II       D-85747 Garching, Germany           Fax.: (+49) 89 2891 4666

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