Change in neutron mailing list

Worlton, Thomas tworlton at
Mon Aug 20 12:37:55 CDT 2001

We have had several incidents in the past few months of viruses being sent
to the neutron mailing list.  This can happen when subscribers to the list
become infected and messages are sent to their contact list.  To prevent
this we had the option of 1) making the list a moderated list so I would
have to review all messages before posting them to the list, 2) moving the
list to a mail server which supports a virus checker, or 3) routing incoming
messages through a mail server which includes a virus checker.  We have
decided to try option 3.  If you post to the address "neutron at", the
message will now go through our Exchange E-mail server with Trend virus scan
software before it is posted to the list.

Please notify me if there are problems with this new procedure.

Tom Worlton
tworlton at

p.s. This is the first time I have tried this method, so there could be
problems with it.

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