[Neutron] Problems with IUCR mailing lists

stephen.king at stfc.ac.uk stephen.king at stfc.ac.uk
Mon Feb 23 11:09:03 CET 2015

There will be several subscribers to this mailing list who were also subscribed to mailing lists belonging to the IUCr such as 'sa_scat' (for small-angle scattering).

Between Jan 28 and Feb 2, routine maintenance to electrical infrastructure at the IUCr HQ resulted in the failure of a number of servers.

Recovery is proving to be much more complicated than anticipated and, unfortunately, confidence is not high that the list archives and subscriber lists can be completely rebuilt.

The consequences of this are:

-          It is unclear which lists are affected; though sa_scat is for certain

-          No posts will have gone out on affected lists (the last post sent out on sa_scat was 09:44 on Jan 28) but any posts sent to these lists in the meantime **should** have bounced back to the author

-          A resolution may still be some weeks in the offing

-          It is likely that many list subscribers will need to re-subscribe once the system is up and running again

I am in contact with the IUCr IT Team and will post further updates as and when information is available.

In the meantime please circulate this information to your colleagues and other relevant forums.

Steve King

sa_scat administrator

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